Lilith Rosary

Is there anyone here in the forum which uses a Lilith Rosary? What kind of results did you get through daily practice?


Easy to make one yourself, 108 beads works best for me. Lilith and everyone else I’ve tried it with seem to really like when you use their enn like that and definitely start being more active in your life. Her enn either turns into a song or makes me cry. Emotions are released either way.

When I do this for a few days in a row they interact heavily in my dreams and sometimes I will take on personality traits. Experiment and see what works for you. My first one was a simple string that I tied knots into to help keep track of repetitions. Although if I’m trying to enter a trance, counting keeps too much of my logical mind focused. For that I chant until I zone out and don’t count at all.


Wonderful :heart: thanks for your insights

This is intriguing, what is a Lilith Rosary?

Is an Instrument to channel Ama Lilith

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Where does one find a Lilith Rosary?

Make your own set from only 100% natural ingredients. I use pre-drilled stone and black silk thread. Glass beads are classed as natural.



Sundays i cant be too oft online but sure send pm