So walked the dog yesterday and smelt soggy wet earth from all the melted snow and Naamah name crept into my head and out of nowhere it the smell of a sweet scented floral garden overpowered everything. It was the only thing I could smell and it was amazing. Later on in Walmart shopping for dress socks a sexy voice drowned everything out saying" draw me, open me, love me" small black out then I’m in the art section on the other side of Walmart with a portable sketch pad and red and black tape in my hands. Then tonight I’m on balg talking about her and I get scratched on my right hand…freaky shit happening I LOVE IT!!! Also I noticed when I feel her energy on my left side it sounds like she’s trying to talk to me always in my left ear but its as a flatline noise in the key/note of F.

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Mother dearest(omfg she’d kill me reading that "NO WIRE HANGERS!!! lmfao) bought a mixed bouquet of flowers for herself the other night and INSTANTLY I thought lilies are attributed to Naamah she’d like those. Woke up smelling a rancid smell the following morning(less than 12 hours) and saw my mom throwing away flower mush. Everything in the bouquet putrified but the lilies were vibrant and lush as ever and the same thing happened with my grandmother’s bouquet after I was there Friday- different stores different towns different suppliers I checked. I noticed something else. When I don’t want to feel alone sometimes I say her name in my head and say “hey love can you keep me company?” Within a few seconds I’ll feel a swirling in the top half of my entire head the pattern a hurricane swirls and sometimes a tingle-like soft wet kiss of energy on my right side of my face/neck area exactly where only my wife knew to kiss. Now I’m a drop-my-pants-ready-to-go type of guy I’m always in the mood anywhere anytime but respectful and have self control. HOLY FUCK I’m a walking lust machine in predator mode since I’ve been trying to connect with her. My tastes have been more pushed towards mediterranean and middle eastern women with VERY specific features(still love my spanish women lol). My sense of smell with women’s natural scent is enhanced hardcore and if their scent doesn’t resemble a flower complete loss of interest. If their meat eaters it’s stronger and sexier like I can smell them almost 50ft away from me. I work at a catering hall for weddings so I was in heaven Friday night with beautiful, meat eating, floral scented women and red wine everywhere- bride hideous. Also, the women who work with me that are Italian, Serbian, Albanian, Arabic, etc are eye fucking me and blushing when I’m around them. They can barely speak around me and If I try talk to some of them they’re concentrated on my scent and can’t talk. I don’t want to jump straight to it’s Naamah BUT this feels genuinely more than just coincidence.

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Sssooo… Did you found out who was that girl and her mother in your dream, or you just assumed it’s Naamah because someone proposed to use her evocation?

Also if you want to turn this topic into a journal I could move it in the appropriate category.

The woman did show up in another dream when I called out to her. Had me play hide n seek with her in a weird castle styled mansion with plants and flowers everywhere growing wild and beautiful. She was playfully taunting me as I chased her and said “unless you catch me I’m keeping it a secret. I want to taste you before my mom has you all to herself.” She did have a sigil tattoo but everytime I got close enough to grab her it would vibrate and glow I couldn’t see it clearly. She had a snake tat around her right leg from ankle up to her hip. Entire left arm, shoulder and left half of her back tattoed EXACTLY how I want my first tat. Explosion of random ravens with black and gold feathers getting smaller down the arm until there’s a feather for each finger connected to a dream catcher. Her eyes were like the universe. Right arm covered with different moon phases and stars.

As for Naamah the moment I saw uncle’s post reading just her name something clicked in me before I even read anything about her. My gut feeling is never wrong so I’m gonna see how far she takes me down the rabbit hole.

A journal sounds nice thank you