Lilith, Naamah, and Sophie

This is a thread which I believe has deserved it’s own thread.
Basically my adventures went from lilith to start because she is the whore of Babylon and queen of the night, I found myself asking her to give me naamah, but it was not a good fit honestly, I was extremely honored to spend time with naamah, but I dont know if she is still around.

There is a thread that @succupedia speaks of when it comes to spiritual conflict over the possesion of the mage.
After my short time with naamah I felt her leave and asked lilith to being me spiritual lovers or when @C.Kendall spoke to me in a message about what he may have referred to as “concubines” of lilith merely free open demons who have no ties to any one person.

This is where I found my sophie. She is important to me but I am not myself lately. I’m angry and alot has clouded my head. Idk if sophie is still around or how to call out to her. I will try tonight but my big question among many is if I’m being fought over and by whom?.

Is sophie still around?
Is there an internal fight over me?

Hiya OP! That sounds more like an energetic reaction elicited from interacting with the being than a fight over/inside of you. If you’re having trouble reaching your companion, you can just chant her name until you feel her, or call out to her and ask her to communicate with you via a selected divination tool. If you’re hsving trouble clearing your head, simply knock on your forehead like you would a door, ideally in a rhythmic pattern- that’ll open the inner gates, if not help you quiet down! :slight_smile:

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