Lilith initiation dream

Okay so I’m Irish and have always worked with Celtic Gods and Goddesses. The Morrigan is my Patron Diety…saying that I had a dream last night I was at some underground rave and I spotted this super hot, tall and jacked blonde guy and decided yep I’ll have that. So had sex with him, then his girlfriend and their friend. Then he took me to some broken down castle for more sex but then tried to kill me with a ritual dagger that I managed to get and kill him with.
Turned around and three aspects of Lilith were there (maiden, mother and crone) saying I had passed her initiation and worked with her now. Then she sent me back in time before I met blonde hot sex partner.
Now tbf I have a lot of respect for Lilith but I just never imagined working as closely as she wants me to with her being that I always just vibes with my Celtic Gods with Anubis being the only other exception. He showed up in a much less dramatic fashion though but his personality it’s very relaxed and chilled.
Anyway, curious did anyone else meet Lilith like this or have any insights?