Lilith in Scorpio

In my chaotic and eclectic approach to the occult (which is how I approach everything… It is my nature.), I can sometimes overload myself with experiences, and knowledge, from what seems like infinite pathways and currents at the same time, and sometimes I get sidetracked by the next thing that catches my attention or pulls me this way or that… It’s exciting and keeps things fresh, and I believe that I might even make some new discoveries one day due to my adventurous and recklessly powerful way to clear my path “forward”…

Anyway, I am returning to Astrology and diving deeper into my own chart and connecting the dots between the stars, planets, spirits, and my personal magickal path and Gnosis. At this point in my life, returning to things I once thought complex is proving to produce fruit that I once thought out of reach. Astrology is one of those things that as soon as I turned my attention back towards it, with my newly evolved sight and understanding of the world and the occult, it has provided me with new powerful insights and opened doorways wide open with the force of a powerful storm…

I learned that the Black Moon of Lilith is in Scorpio on my birth chart. Now, ever since I became aware of Lilith’s existence in this lifetime, I have felt a connection with her that runs deep into my heart and soul. Lilith speaks my language. When it comes to love, power, lust, pain, understanding, and just about every other strong emotion… Lilith and I just understand one another. Her love is my love. Within my temple, illuminated by the shadow of black flame, adorned with the black velvet banners that pour forth the black smoke produced by my inner alchemy and workings with the other deities and spirits I work with, I pour my blood and my devotion and my deepest understanding of an ancient way of Love into an everflowing fountain or grail that is the container for my ancient and primal life force to flow together with Lilith’s in perfect, dark, harmony.

When I learned that Lilith was in Scorpio at my birth, I immediately felt a new understanding and a new level of power become available to me. I immediately thrust my arms and my awareness towards the sky and expressed my gratitude and my love for Lilith. Her presence in me and in my temple is at an all-time high.

I learned that Lilith in Scorpio provides a strength to my magick. A strength that makes my will manifest based on my pure, deep, loving desire.

Yesterday, In the heat of the moment, I used my orgasm in conjuncture with my pure will and desire for the love of a woman and sent out my desire into the universe for her to reach out and share the same love for me…

Shortly after that, sitting in a recliner, I closed my eyes and focused on my breath and I started chanting automatically:

" [Woman’s full name], I beckon thee. Come to me and devote yourself to my heart.
[Woman’s full name], I beckon thee. Come to me and devote your love to my heart.
Feel me. See me. Devote yourself to me. "

I chanted that until I felt my will had been adequately expressed. I felt a knowing that my will would be done.

Literally a few hours later, I got a message from her. I was expecting it, yet I was surprised and filled with gratitude.

A couple house after the message, she was driving 30 minutes to come hang out with me. We hadn’t spent time together in person in years. But last night, we went to the park together for about 5 hours. We held eachother. We kissed. We talked about the stars, and of magick, and of life, and love. I told her I am a Lilith in Scorpio, and she said “Now that just makes perfect sense”…

I gave thanks to the stars. I gave thanks to Lilith. Mars, bright and firey orange, was even watching over our encounter.

I felt like I was lying in the grass with my twin flame. This was just hours after learning about the power of Lilith in Scorpio.

<3 Thank you, Lilith. Thank you for your depth of love and understanding. Thank you for your pure and ancient power. Thank you for your love in me, and I devote my love to you, Lilith, my dark and beautiful Goddess. <3