Lilith: "I Won't Stop Until You Die In The Underworld"

Prove their bad sometimes or sarcasm not found?

Even Lilith is capable of manipulating and abusing those who seek her out.


Yeah, with all due respect to everyone on this site, it might just be better to break chains to her and her curses and other things I’m not so sure I am allowed to say, then again come to think of it, you might want to see the entire chess board because I don’t entirely, but I do believe she is cursing people who have no idea of her existence let alone people who seek her out.


I believe you do what you gotta do, I respect Lilith but I’m not one of her followers who view her as a saint lol.


Yup, manipulation is part of what she does and she can teach it as well.

But it should also be noted that every spirit (at least all the ones i have met) can as well. It is not an uncommon practice in my eyes


I did try to put it in context, no one said she couldn’t be bad, just that it was experienced that way, and from another who was working with her.
Even today, she said to me that she wouldn’t betray that other, and why would I expect her too? That still doesn’t mean she’s out to get me, or things wouldn’t be the way they are.

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Before I started working with her I was more suspicious and she was like who do you think I am?
But by the end of my conditions for us to work together she was pretty much like F U your so controlling.

Well I also tried to kiss the paper on ruling out killer shark and killer clown sex with her, I sort of missed that one, anyways that was the final straw as it were. lol

I also want to add that I wasn’t exactly looking for sex with her, but was okay if she did come on to me. That might put that into better context. :S

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Right, it is a case by case situation. Their capabilities does not make them always " bad" or “good”, just that they are able to do something.

The word manipulation tends to have a bad reputation as well, as not all forms of manipulation are malicious. In fact, many experiences in pathworkings individuals see as benefical could be considered manipulation as well. All manipulation is is the art of influencing emotions for a desired result, regardless of if it harms or benefits the subject.

Can a spirit use it to be abusive? Yes. Is it the case all the time? Not in my eyes


Yes so very true, so very true

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Though if I look at it from another perspective, lilith hates my guts, and I’m so used to being abused that when she works outwardly, I just accept it. (sook sook whinge whinge) :pensive:
Just normality for me. :pensive:

Imho, bad experiences are just tests. Honey often draws but how true are you when its bitter or tasteless. I had a fantastic time with sacred sexuality but, like many things I shoved it aside on purpose.

Yeah, its great when you get this and that and everything works great but the longing of pain, testing, the journey, and discontentment can be a greater draw. There’s a funny atheist video on eternal damnation and eternal worship. They await a god of gods to free them from their eternal enslavements or routines.

As mortals, we really can’t do a whole lot to their eternal selves. We can change our relations and interactions and adjust our our perceptions of them. We can alter that to no end.

Half the fun, imho, is changing it up. Btw, she has a fantastic guest house which could be general or attuned to me. And she fences as well. Great bar but hard spirits are served only at a certain time. Pinkish purple walls in many corridors and floors made out of living gravel that sucks you dien to other floors that look exactly like other floors. And what a mazework. I arrived to her place by plane which landed in a huge hanger. Lot of other souls on the plane. When i got off… huge jaws burst up and bit/chomped this massive 487+++ plane i to bloody bits and disappeared into the ground. Oh it was grand.

Thd lake of fire isn’t always hot and xan be akin to cold cheese pizza. Lotta neat spirit places attuned for my percrption and experience. Can’t say for others.

Were you predator or prey in your path of the harlot? Have you used the energy to focus magic into a desire be it physical, magical, spiritual, mental, social, financial, etc. gotta use that energy for something other than pleasure.

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I should add, she has a nice carvern temple as well… that… well she destroys when she rages or is upset. Dunno who fixes it.

I’d have to say prey. Can’t say that I really know what pleasure is, it’s usually just a farce misery in a guise. Spent plenty of time focusing, maybe it’s just come to the point of uselessness or pointlessness

She won’t stop riding you until orgasm. Sex and Death are linked to each other. At the very instance of orgasm, your mind goes blank except for what it takes for you to keep your earthly senses going(pulse, breathing, etc). In the concern for the “Underworld” it is as of the base of the spine where your sexual organs aren’t far from. As it is with your physical body, it is also with your spiritual body.

Bottom line is this. She appears to want a spiritual marriage with you. Either that or just a mere Lover Relationship with you. It takes someone who can sense Lilith’s energy on such a level to identify her meanings. She is a puzzling goddess. But patience and meditation are what are your best tools to unlock her power and that of your own.


As read in Asenath’s Rituals Of Pleasure, at the point of orgasm (or just a wee bit before) you must channel that energy into your workings and desire and not just fall prey to the pleasure. Yes, if you just become habitual in the pleasure it can eat away at you. I’d say similar to a chronic addict to anything be that sexual or not.

From my visions I can see why some say an aeon of Set is upon the world or the female awareness is awakened or stimulated again and its conflicting with the male ego of the world.

I don’t like talking politics but terms feminazi, SJW, trans, cisgender, homosexuality, etc is on a higher awareness scale and far far more open esp in entertainment. Secrets and “perversion” by religions and cults are revealed more and more. The fact that spiritualism and practices are more accepted or at least acknowledged is pretty huge. Women are fighting for more rights and freedoms but I also see where many want to tip the scale and destroy masculinity. Balance should always be preserved and freedom, justice, truth, honor, and love should be for ALL and not just a select few.

Death into rebirth or change. We all usually change.

Asenath’s Rituals of Pleasure even hit Good Reads

If you have it you might want to reread it or look into the draconian path. Being prey or even one who lusts after but gives nothing can turn some beings away. Parasitic beings will latch on for that’s what they do and are designed for. Lilith is NOT a parasite.


Don’t know if I really agree here. Just sounds like she’s upset. However I have always known her to be kind albeit with a no bs attitude.


While I agree with her having a no bs attitude(which is why I started with her in the first place), I don’t sense her being upset here in @TheSaga’s particular situation.

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She’s a complicated one, I’ll say that.

I agree with you. Lilith has more to do than just waste her time annoying people. Every time she’s come through to me I always feel a vampiric energy around her. She’s always been very helpful to me and loving but sometimes she can get pissy, but this is normal for any demon. They get upset sometimes. Just like people can get mad.


I enjoy reading your comments. You help me to expand my mind!