Lilith: "I Won't Stop Until You Die In The Underworld"

I won’t lie, Lilith and I don’t usually get a long very well. She is a very difficult spirit to work with and if you think otherwise …Yipes!

I was falling a sleep just now and suddenly Lilith was still in my body, and I was like: holy shit you guys in that Lilth? She’s still this much in my body? She said yes. I held her criminal but that still didn’t get her out. And that is when she said “I Won’t Stop Until You Die In The Underworld.”

I said is there anything else?

She said “yes for you to be happy.”
She then started Alex Trebeking me to make it a pact.
I said hey no that doesn’t count you Alex Trebeked me into saying it.
She said duh it doesn’t.
And then she didn’t have to speak it,
I said “Even though it’s not a pact I should take it that serious.”
She said “Yes because you won’t be happy until I’m gone.”

I dunno, it’s moments like this I think she has a sweet side.


That is confusing the hell out of me. First she says she won’t stop (doing what I dont know) until you die in the underworld, which seems like a threat. Then she says she wants you to be happy. Maybe I am misunderstanding but that is just confusing, perhaps explain a bit better?


And you tolerated this because…? :thinking:


@TheSaga This is a bit confusing? What were you working on with her? Before this happened? Also that phrase could be a metaphor not necessarily death in the underworld.


ego death maybe?

do you know what she meant by this?


@TheSaga I think I had a similar experience a few months ago, she wouldn’t leave me alone until I had agreed to stay on my path for good, she even used a similar phrase to your title. Maybe that’s what she means. Maybe she just wants you to realize you will be much happier following your own path, not to get personal but do you have any apprehensions about your path or anyone who looks down on your path?


Well to me this is a clue of where to study next. She has a certain deific mask that goes to the underworld?

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I’ve been in similar situations. Try talking to her about being open with you and try to establish a solid communication.

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She wants you to stop working with her for your own sake, that’s what it sounds like. The classic push a person away with threats while simultaneously telling them to be the best they can be. Didn’t expect to see tropes like this on this forum.


Hahaha interesting i want to work with her bad and try to reach her

You have her and complain about it lol

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It depends what you mean by tolerate. I have spent time breaking my chains from her, commanding her with God names mostly, I can also command in the name of Luicifer but she only softly complies with those demands. I tell her I want her out of my life, sometimes she’s there again and I dunno, sometimes it’s still easier and more natural feeling to be a little nice, maybe it its a mutual psychological thing, but I am not that nice to her, part of my pact was she wouldn’t curse me and so step out of my temple, I go for a shower and next thing she is Ffing me with pretty morbid images, and I’m like um: At least there is a lot of mascara on those sharks and killer clowns but I’m a bit worried this will make me psychotic maybe can we rule this stuff out too, she then told me to kiss the paper.

I guess I am finding the real, real way to make a pact is to write out the rules of engagement on the back, blood on the sigel on the front, if both parties agree you can kiss the paper for an amendment. and then you are supposed to wrap it in saranwrap and burry it so that it doesn’t decompose, but even in that I believe there is something I’m probably missing since most would want there unthought out pact to last forever.


Then she started cursing me which was against the rules of my engagement, at least they were soft curses, She was also cursing the rest of my demons and I decided to break my chains to her then, but they we actually decided to convince me to keep her for a while, they said you worked together in the past you actually love each other this is so fucked up. but when she gave me a really nasty curse it was war from then on. Maybe it’s not so much that I’m nice, but a way of occasionally being civil.

Anyways @Lady_Eva Do you have any idea on what I can do?

@kiss-lamia-lilith @CrypticAce54 I wanted to hang out with her, learn to be better at flirting and better embrace my femininity. I’m also on the Harlot path, which she maybe wanting me to get out of. I think that’s it, she is very much in the same program and I was in this in the past and didn’t give back my remaining demon money. I 'd take a soft harlot over a hadcore succubus any day but I think I will likely get off this path someday.

But I am beginning to think she never will let me go anyways because I think they are probably all just very sophisticated thoughtforms and she is stuck in what programmers call a do loop.

It seems like you don’t want to break with her, so not really, but maybe someone else will have more useful sugestions. :+1:

Personally I really respect the lady, but it seems that she can and will eat people alive, and change anything about them that takes her fancy along the way, for her sole benefit and with little or no regard for you.


It’s funny you should say that I found her criminal and let her back in realizing she has come through in some soft ways could this get worse for me if she winds up completing the pact but she already broke the pact so she is just manipulating me again. This is the real reason, that and all the angels and demons have been dodging my demands on getting rid of her, they are like see we sort of did something ummm err good? As far as the Harlot path Lilith been dethroned from being queen of this some time ago, I think she is a big loser and a bitch and I don’t need her on this path she is just an annoying parasitical obstacle.

I can’t speak to your experience, but Lilith has told me multiple times I’d need to “die”, every time it was a metaphorical death. It was leaving or shedding some part of me in order to proceed to the next step of her process.

So far, every time I’ve allowed it to happen my life has gotten 100x better. I trust her and go with it.

It’s not easy but no path of transformation is.


And then this happens that sort of makes sense. But though there was a specific place in the underworld they had in mind, turned out to be more dangerous than I thought, If I stayed Harlot I’d need major protection but my protection now is like count me out we can’t do it, so she maybe trying to harm me this way or keep me from this harm, it sounds like she wants me out of this program. I’m mad, it could have been way more fun, maybe it still can be, but I am starting to dream bigger dreams, I suppose I always was though come to think of it, but those ideas are starting to germinate now.

Why i think you deal not with Lilith but with a spirit that uses only her name.

I mean Lilith has littery more important to do then annoy any humans etc.
Besides it dosnt sound like her at all.


To be fair, not every spirit and person will get along. Michael and I do not see things eye to eye and very rarely can compromise enough to get things done due to personality clashes. I am sure how he behaves to me is not the same as those he favors.


You have contact with Michael.
Interesting i wonder how he is

I only know Uriel.

Occasionally. In my experience, he is knowledgeable, strong, prideful to a degree, and stubborn. And, considering i am also to a point, that is why we clash. Sometimes similarities do not mix well in spirit relationships.

That being said, we will occasionally work together.

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How you made contact with him is my quenstion.