Lilith got mad at me, what should I do? [URGENTLY]

I really want to tell you the full story for better understanding, but I could get in trouble if the wrong person reads this. So let’s move on to the main issue.

The whole story revolves around one girl that I insanely love. There was a moment when I had to hide Lilith’s influence. And I cut off contact with her. When the danger has passed, I asked Lilith for help again, but all I heard was “traitor”. I bought her wine that I like to drink myself and began to pray for forgiveness. I said things like “all people make mistakes, me too. Give me a last chance to show that I am worthy of you.” Then a red light broke through the center of the room, she threw me a red apple with a clearly visible bite. I understood nothing and asked “is it poisoned?”. She thought I was dumb and told me clearly “Eat.”. Later I will understand that the apple that you eat together means your reconciliation.

Lilith told me that she slept with another guy while I didn’t see her for a long time. I was in tears and asked her “Where I made mistake?”. She tell me to not worry and we began to make a plan. This is where the real work begins. I will omit the details, but in the end there was a long-awaited meeting, similar to a fairy tale. I found out that evening that they had nothing. I asked Lilith why she lied to me and she said “to help you find your place”. I thanked her in tears and smoothly fell asleep. I wish the story had ended like this, but…

The girl and that guy didn’t find their places, and I started to miss mine for fear of hurting them. I’ll skip the long drama and we’re coming to a culmination. There were many tears here. At the most important and decisive moment, I had to sign a pact, but I could not afford to do this, because I was confused in my feelings, in the place I should claim. I got very angry with Lilith and swore at her. And on the very next day I received the information that I needed to sign the pact. If you only knew how much pain I experienced in that moment. One signature was not enough for me to complete this story.

Because of my ignorance and stupidity, I made a huge mistake in my life. I realized this only the next day, which I devoted to trying to restore relations with Lilith. In vain. I offered blood, wine and chocolate. All day long I prayed. All night, which is still going on, I worked on myself. When I made a really big change with my mental state and my desire to swear, I went to her again to show it and get forgiveness. But all I heard was “no”.

I’ve never been the kind of guy who is easy to communicate with. I am very rude, especially at the thoughts that for me is a big problem with which I am struggling.

Time goes by and I have very little of it to bring my love back. I think there are 1-2 days left. I wish at all costs to earn forgiveness from Lilith and return the girl I love so much. What should I do? I am completely lost

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So from what I understand you wanted a reconciliation with a girl. You asked lilith to do that, but Lilith wanted you to sign a pact in exchange, which you refused to do and your workings with Lilith have now been affected? Just wanted to check if I got that correct?

Firstly how do you know you are working with Lilith and not a parasite? You don’t need to sign a pact to work with Lilith

Secondly the fact that you allege that you swore at Lilith and this has caused your entire business relationship with her to break down and caused you to feed this entity more energy suggests it’s a parasite or possible thoughtform. Demons aren’t as concerned by such matters as much as humans are.

Thirdly the fact that Lilith took a “bite” from an apple. Demons don’t really eat unless they are possessing you but I will leave one of the more experienced members to add to this.

My initial reaction is that you banish and cleanse


Damn bro… your kind of in deep at this point.

You got a parasite messing with you, pretending to be Lilith.

At this point if you need to be saved, then you’d want to get a ritual for hire.

But… if you want to get strong and learn from this, then I would recommend buying a course on psychic self defense and fixing this yourself.

Some banishing is definitely in order.

There is a lot of information to go over, you gotta know that for serious problems it’s a pain in the butt to sit here a take a whole book and simplify it here so you can know what to do.

What I can tell you is, I highly recommended to look up a banishment ritual and also always keep a light on near you… sleep with the light on and with a blind fold on your eyes at all times until you start to feel better, more light the better, I recommend a 200 watt light bulb if your electrical devices are compatible.

Also control your thoughts and the images you see that manifest these issues, this right here is the real problem.

Also, you need to spend more time with Lilith and really memorize how her energy feels, so you won’t ever be confused and give into some parasite with communication issues ever again, you need to be vigilant and also trust your intuition, these parasites are very smart, so you need feel and diagnose if its really Lilith your talking to… if you deem that it is not Lilith than you need banish… then relax and call on her name again with more effort… you’ll know when it’s her! But be weary… when you successfully connect with Lilith these parasites will try and interfere in the middle of your conversation with her, so you need to try your hardest to stay in tune with the energy frequency that is Lilith while talking to her.

These parasites will do there best to put illusions on you, but! You really need to trust your intuition brother… if you relax enough then you will sense the manipulation, this is a skill that requires patience.

This is a great situation to practice this on. You should have fun with this!

It may be an urgent situation for you, but listen

She may not like you… she may not love you… but with magic, you don’t have to worry about that no more…

Try not to force everything, this stuff is complicated, especially when women are involved… they got a real sense for that. If you want to really control your life/reality, then you gotta really love this stuff.

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Lilith has been popular lately, honestly purify yourself,/ place and stop all contract,/ items if her ,she’s not bad ,Waite 2 weeks and comeback.well it’s my opinion.

What ypu should do is banish this ‘Lilith’.

I work with Lilith for a very long time. Why did you decide that I’m working with parasite? There is no way that it’s not her. And the question was different. She is much more than just a vampire and lust. She appears as a loving mother to those who are worthy, but her lessons are harsh. I saw myself inside out while working with her and learned a lot. In my case, she was with me from the moment I entered magic and gave out a huge credit of trust and patience, but I let her down. Also she bring true love in my life.

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I appreciate your help, but unfortunately I can not release more information so that you understand the essence of what is happening. And I already found a solution to the problem. Thanks to all!

Are you really sure this was Lilith, and not your own inner voice? This kind of language is part of what members are suggesting you have an imposter. Also, may I ask why you would continue to work with an entity that would speak to you this way? And even offer blood?

Does Lilith ever prove she is “worthy” of you? If not, why do you go out of your way to do this for her? Another approach might be to consider that you are inherently worthy of any entity. Perhaps you will get better results and feel better about your self with this kind of mindset.

It seems, to me, to be not healthy to have this level of devotion to any entity. That is just my personal opinion.

You never need to sign a pact.

Has Lilith ever tried to earn your forgiveness at all costs?

Maybe you have an imposter, maybe your work with Lilith is being clouded by some internal struggles and projecting. I would strongly consider elevating yourself in your mind; never place yourself beneath a spirit. Respect is one thing; subservience is another. Good luck.


Since when? According to what little information you provided in your introduction, you’ve only been praticing for less than six months :thinking:

There’s nothing inherently wrong with devotion, whether it’s with spirits or other humans. With cooperation we need commitment, compromises and sometimes even sacrifices to get what we deeply need, not necessarily what we want.

It’s hypocritical to think that this doesn’t apply on the spirit as well, because it often does.
…and if it’s not, at least with Lilith and her kindreds, I would question it because she’s been in my life for well over a decade.

I’m sure you’ve made contact with Lilith, I believe you, but dude… trust me. At this moment you do not have enough understanding of how this works and also not enough self control over your thoughts.

Do you know how negative parasitic entity’s operate?

Your making unnecessary agreements in your mind and put a lot of effort into them like they are contracts, and then… when you fail to meet your requirements, you start to feel all bad and terrible and now your life is going wrong.

Well… guess what, as soon as you start to feel bad or anything, there will be a parasite nearby, always ready to destroy you.

I personally talk to entity’s all the time on a daily basis and I also have parasites constantly trying to distract me by attempting to gain my attention and give it to them. I’m pretty good at it now so it doesn’t really bother me, unless there is a high level parasite nearby that I need to get rid of.

Sometimes… entity’s for example Lilith, may allow these attacks on you, but… only to a certain extent, to help further your spiritual evolution, but you can easily save your self from the extra unnecessary attacks these parasites are making it worse for you than what Lilith intended.

I don’t even need to know the full story, I already know your being taken advantage of.

You gotta really know this stuff, but you will understand only through personal experience.

Even when you think you found the solution to your problem, the parasite will still be right there to destroy you and drain your vitality once again, ready for you to mess up, you are basically being taken advantage of.

Yes Lilith can protect you at all times if she chooses, but she won’t, because you have a lot to learn still. If all the entity’s were constantly holding everybody’s hand, than when would the person ever truly evolve? You need to study more.

Also there is no hard feelings here. You are here for a purpose, so the information provided will speed up your progress if you choose to listen and open your mind to it. It may be too much information to process, but go at your own self pace. There is no rush.


It could be called hypocritical if one was comfortable engaging in this level of devotion with a human being, which I am not. Again, my own


Lilith is like the mother bird that tosses the chick out of the nest so it can fly.


Lessons can be very harsh!!! Lol but she is amazing

Clearly that’s not what’s happening. I have two basic suggestions that I know you won’t follow, One is never display weakness or engauge in pandering, and two, know when to quit