Lilith experience?

well … I wanted to share this experience and I would like you to give me your opinions, a while ago I did a letter of intent spell so that liltih sent me one of his daughters with a relationship intention and to help me in my spiritual development with the sexual magic, I confess that at the moment of the ritual I could not concentrate very well and I was very apprehensive, days later I had a strange dream, I dreamed that I was in love with a woman, so passionate to the point of being totally her, in the dream she appeared as a woman with black eyes, in the unfolding of the caresses she begins to cut my neck, but from that moment I see the whole scene as a spectator, she cuts to behead, and everything seems very acceptable, until a moment I feel myself not to be that man, he was someone else, she shows the limbs all cut into a kind of bunch and eats, staring with black eyes, and when she watched that scene alone. I felt repulsion and fear that I could not take it any longer and wake up, I shudder to remember this dream, it seemed very real.

Lilith has been my Matron Goddess for a very long time. I never had an experience with her like that.
She is a wise teacher. I do believe a lot of people who want to start working with her, might be a little apprehensive. If you feel that way about her, she will likely not appear in a very pleasant form. I respect and trust her completely. While she has shown me other forms, she’s never appeared to me in a frightening way. But I’ve heard stories, similar to yours, from people who where apprehensive or downright frightened of her. My suggestion is, don’t work with her until you find your confidence in Ritual, Evocation and Invocation. If you can call out to her with interest and curiosity but without fear, you will see a very different Lilith. I would not recommend to work with her as a beginner.

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Bragi seems like one of Goddess Lilith’s attendants i.e. Succubus preformed a Shamanic Dismemberment upon your spirit body. One way to know for sure is did you develop any new abilities after having that experience within that lucid dream i.e. otherworldly dimension?