Lilith evocation

i am wondering if anyone has physically evoked Lilith and if so what was your method ? what insence would you use? ive yet to find a ritual for physically evoking her.


I know a kabalist that said just saying her name will bring bad things to you. I dodnt know about all that but I’ve heard shes pretty fearsome. What were your experiences?

I evoked Lilith ONCE and it went down in my journal as one of the most intense evocatioms I’ve ever done.
It was one of the few times I had some extreme poltergeist activity going on during evocation.
Knocks and scratches on the walls,the sound of someone running around in my attic,and all my heating vents literally filled up with water which meant I couldn’t turn the furnace on and it was winter time.
So I went to my friend/maintenance mans house to borrow a space heater for the night and told him about the vents he asked why I needed the heaters I told him because ALL my vents were full of water (he thought it was just one which might have passed as normal) he was shocked and said it never happened before.

When I went to sleep that night I got full on images of Lilith dancing in a little black dress covered in blood. (I had evoked her for sex and I got the impression she was telling me to sleep naked).Then the mental eye candy turned to images of demons,murder,blood,and gore.

It was also my first time doing the black sun exercise.
When I woke up all the water was gone and my heat worked fine.

I think she was showing me I wasn’t ready for her intensity yet.(I wasn’t as good as handling that type of shit then and it was one of my first experiences showing me this shit is real and I don’t claim to be a whole hell of a lot better now)

But I’m sure my path will lead me to her again someday.I’m digging the other experiences on here.
Good stuff.
I was expecting a lot of trials and generally bad shit when I evoked her so that’s what I got.
Keep that in mind lol


As far as bad things happening for uttering her name, no. Lol.
I just invoked her inside my body , her energy was REAL High, I couldn’t sleep afterwards, plus doing some rites related with her yes all the blood related imaginery seemed, for a lack of a better word, tasty and appealing.(I have to say that normally I find blood quite disgusting). I don’t doubt I catched some of her vampiric traits briefly during those workings.


Yeah when I received the internally images of her dancing it was very erotic and it was like she was teasing me to get my attention then BOOM it turned into the stuff nightmares are made of.
It seemed like a test to see how easily I would be seduced which would make since because according to Thomas Karllson when traversing the Qlippoth you face many trials of temptation that if failed could leave you lost forever.

But that’s just what the book says.My own experience does show that thereay be some truth to it though.

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What I was wondering is all those saying about her being gender biased is true or not. She is supposed to hate males lol.(I’m a woman).Yes, toying with guys just for giggles and then fucking them up seems like other of her traits, as well.

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I wouldn’t dare mostly because she has a fame of “bad luck”, which I say it is mostly out of goody two-shoes fears of being chucked straight into Hell for consorting demons or eating shrimps or some other deeply idiotic reason.

But in truth she seems 1) finicky 2) sometimes hostile. Maybe her presence is intense or something, but again I don’t know much about her beyond the false christian myths and warnings.

And as for Yuquen, I thought she actually despised women. Not in a broad sense, but maybe just out of some sort of jealousy since (according to bullshit myths) she could bear no child. Yet, again with the myths, Adamn was supposedly too much of an overbearing jerk for her and that’s what caused her to leave, and get cursed by a seemingly male god.

Damn it, I relized I know even less than when I thought of writting this post D:

I believe from experiance Lilith likes Opium, Rose, and Sandlewood. for incence. I have the best experiances when I Drip blood on the candle wicks b4 I light them. nigtmares are common with here but that’s her way of purifieng you and making you fearless.
An orgasm is the usuall offering but it depends on your reasons for calling. other then that just follow whatever method you normally use for evocation.


I work with Lilith exclusively and have for years. I am male and have never experienced any hint of her being opposed to males. Frankly, I sense she rather enjoys males. BUT, one thing I have learned about Lilith: she is an enigma. So what I have experienced with Lilith may not apply to anyone but me. I would like to learn what others have experienced.


I work with Lilith and evoke her regularly but she has not manifested to me materially - yet. I find her easy to evoke. In a YouTube video with EA and Nate, EA refers to evoking Lilith and if I am not mistaken, he says it is easier to evoke Lilith than most other entities.

In a very recent Youtube video by EA, he provides very simple, easy to follow instructions to evoke a spririt to manifest. I have not tried his instructions yet but will very soon.

Regarding your question on scents. I suggest you try sandalwood. In “Liber Lilith: The Grimoire,” Lamech states regarding Lilith coming to him: “Then she vanished leaving the scent of sandalwood” (last paragraph of chapter 1). This Grimoire was delivered to the well-known author Donald Tyson by a Euopean occultist who found it among a box of very old books.

The Grimoire gives detailed instructions on bringing Lilith to physical appearance as does the journal of the occultist that follows the Grimoire. He actually achieved sexual union with the Goddess but at a great cost to himself.

I have successfully connected with Lilith both with the presence of sandalwood and with the absence of any scents.


I have experienced the darker spectrum of Lilith, but never in a hostile, malevolent matter as others described her. The physical presence were just as the myths and legends is about her. Showing no fear peeled the layer, and to see her as something more than religous propagande teaches us, her darker presence just vanished to a “neutral” and divine aspect within her energy.

I think information is good and important to get before evocing her, but getting that through myths and legends from religions like Christianity or Judaism or from horrorstories of the supernatural is not a good start. Because the easiest way, for divinities at her position and rank, is to live up to those myths and legends. That doesn’t mean it’s who she really is as a unique feminine individual. Peeling that first layer, will reveal so much more.


I have a a question I did a blood pa t ritual with bune but ,but when I finished it lilith cam in my dream and She said do not get lost in me learn from me , can you give any advice on that never worked with hear before