Lilith Evocation Pictures-Look for white eyes

Hey all!
So like some of u already know, I began working with Lilith. I usually talk about being able to see my entities in their sigils. Took a few interesting pics on how Lilith’s sigil looks like when it’s open. Just FYI, as Arachnid Lilith, I won’t harm u. She’d like for me to encourage anyone that wants to work with her to go ahead and do so. Enjoy the pics. Hope u can see what I see. #LucifersChild :metal:


@rin, @Micah, @Magic_01, @Becca, @anon9236988, @Lady_Eva, @Magic_01, @DarkestKnight, @charles9 check this out.



I saw a pair of tiny white dots in a few pictures. Those are here eyes right? :smiley: I asked myself: “Lilith where are you?” And then I saw her white eyes in the picture.

Great work! :ok_hand:t4:

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Thanks. I had to take pics. Usually only one face would show up. This time around, there were multiple faces i think they represent all her different forms.

I’m arachnid Lilith now. I think that’s y i was even able to screenshot the images on my sigil on my phone during the evocation. She wants people to feel free to evoke her when they feel ready to do so. I was afraid u guys may not see what i see. Glad u all did. #Lucifer’sChild #ArachnidLilith. :metal:

@Ravenxoxo, here are more pics.

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