Lilith as I’ve written her

Many fertility goddesses are often times portrayed as thin and light skinned. To capture lilith’s rebellious nature, she’s instead shown as being voluptuous and having dark skin, adorned in jewelry and showy clothing. This is meant to act, not as a demonization, but a praise to non-conventional feminine beauty.

I considered how goddesses of love and beauty are often Ascociated with fertility, as in their end goal is to further human population through the birthing and raising of children. Lilith, as a demoness, is to go the opposite route.

She rules over all forms of pleasures and hedonism, and her end goal is to further carnal experiences. Not just sex, but all manner of pleasures of the flesh. This isn’t just through the obtaining of beauty or charisma, but in the maintaining of youth and prolonging of life.

Lilith is one of the two demon kings who rule over necromancy. The other being Abaddon. However, she teaches the use of blood magic as a means of staving off both aging and death. In fact she’s credited as creating the first vampires, creatures with timeless bodies and must drink blood to maintain this timelessness.

How far is my portrayal from anyone’s experiences?

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