Lilith and the Blood Moon

Hello everyone, I have a question in regards to the Blood Moon. As I’m sure most of ya’ll are aware that come the night of January 31st will be the second full moon for this month, but it will also be a super, blue, and blood moon. A.K.A. a full lunar eclipse. Does anyone know if the Blood Moon as any association with Lilith? I know that in Asenath Mason’s Qliphothic Meditations when you meditate on her sigil. You visualize the moon turning blood red and opening up into the womb of Lilith, but I was wondering if there’s a certain aspect with her and the Blood Moon. The reason I ask is because I plan to do a custom ritual with her on the night of the Blood Moon but need some more information if there is any. I’ve tried looking up some myself but have come up empty. Let me know, thanks.


I summon @Aluriel


Lilith is a goddess that represents the sphere of the moon that rules over the dark unconscious and hidden repressed emotions fears and feelings.

The blood moon represents the menstrual blood of Lilith, it’s the rites of Lilith that concern her as the embodiment of the dark feminine.

Menstrual blood is the single most powerful organic substance on earth as it contains the power of life and death within it

The moon turning red is symbolic of the moon bleeding, entering its menstrual cycle. It’s an excellent time to work with Lilith regarding feminine issues such as fertility and other rites of sexual gnosis.

The cave leading to Gamaliel is slick with the blood and sexual juices of Lilith and this is empowered by the blood moon.

It’s also a great time to do workings pertaining to dream work and the astral


Ok, how would a male, (since I am), would approach a type of working like this since the blood moon represents the menstrual blood that only females carry?

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The current isn’t restricted to a particular gender or sex, remember the current is also one of sexual gnosis as well ( and sexual gnosis covers a lot of things )

Try to contact Lilith through evocation or meditation or invocation or however else you want and tell her your desire to work with this phase of the moon.

I’m sure she’ll give you advice on what to do