Lilith and spiders!

Since I have been praying to lilith and trying to reach out to her,lots of spiders has been roaming around my home.A lot.
Today a small spider crawled on to my chest.
Should I be concerned?What does it mean?

It means that She is with you and She hears your prayers. That has always been my experience.


Spiders are associated with Lilith, it means she heard you, she heard your prayers

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that is cool

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The aspect of Lilith associated with the qlipha of Sathariel is as a spider goddess.

Based on this, some things to meditate on and consider…

  1. Sathariel (“Concealment”) and Binah (“Understanding”).

  2. The 3s of the Tarot.

  3. Spiders.

  4. Motherhood.

  5. Lucifuge.

  6. Saturn.

  7. The Virgin Mary.

And everything else listed on line 3 of 777 (although I greatly prefer Eshelman’s 776-1/2)

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I tink bael is a spider spirt too. Any links guys?

Thankyou everyone!:heart: