Lilith and men

She likely won’t. Unless you are afraid of her. If you fear her she will appear very scary. Think of it as a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you are sincere there is no reason to fear her. One of 2 things usually happen, she will appear and be willing to work (and maybe play) with you. If she’s not interested, she won’t show up. I trust this Goddess with my life. Literally and with good reason. She would also let you know if you would benefit from working with another entity. I think she is one of the most demonized and maligned entities, out of fear and ignorance. And similar to Azazel she was blamed for pretty much anything bad that would happen to people of the abrahamic faiths. Approach her with respect and there will be no need to fear her. Maybe start out with writing a letter to her. She does not want to be prayed to. She will treat you as a student but an equal. She also has a motherly side to her if she feels that’s what you need. She can also be your best friend. She’s all that and more to me.


What book would you recommend I use

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Hi,i am bisexual and i was wandering if there are demons that can help you look attractive to both men and women?


I like Welcoming Lilith by Theresa C Dintino. Also Lilith: Healing the wild by Tom Jacobs and also Lilith, Dark Femine Archetype by Asenath Mason.


So am I. I think Naahma could be of help and of course Lucifer, who can basically do anything. Can’t think of a male demon right now. Lilith can help you with that as well. Her sensuality even affects straight women. :thinking:


Lilith is most excellent! I work with her to balance my Masculine energies with the Feminine. I’ve also worked with on various different things regarding astral senses, sex & blood magick, etc. There’s some other things I’m working with her on and developing and I must say (all that I really can reveal at the moment) is I’m very pleased so far with the preliminary results.

Lilith has been a friend, a teacher, an initiatrix, mother, lover etc. to me. She pretty much picks and chooses who to work with. I also approach with respect and she’s always been warm to me.

As for offerings rose petals, mugwort, chocolate, pomegranates, red wine, blood, sexual fluids (when appropriate), and honestly many other things. I usually burn rose water incense with others like lotus, jasmine, and patchouli. You can offer devotion things like artwork, crafts, music, or poetry.

Now, about love spells, I wouldn’t even approach her with that type of thing. Lilith may be able to manipulate others and situations but it has been my gnosis that manipulating people (especially women) for a relationship or sex is not going to go well. To put in context, just think about the tradition found in Judaism about her not wanting to lay under Adam. The points to take away are that she realized she came from the same dirt as Adam (she knew she was on the same level), she would not be forced or coerced into something she didn’t want to do (which goes to why consent would be important to the Queen). While I understand that myths, legends, and/or traditions are not always supposed to be taken literally I would say they do tend to retain a sentiment about that entity or divine intelligence. So that’s how approach most spirits with mythological “baggage”. It’s served me well this far!

ZEPAR: From my work, he was been good to me. He can bring you a short term relationship. It’s going to be a little more serious than what Sitri would bring. Imagine a “summer romance” type of thing. Again, with the Goetia, I approach it the same way as myths. I take into consideration the words, find what is more allegorical or metaphorical, throw out what is fear-mongering, and get to the real nature and abilities of the spirit. I find the part of baroness to be more towards the fear-mongering side. But I have indeed had a shortterm relationship through Zepar and she absolutely could not have any kids. So is it true? Maybe a little. He may not make someone baron per sé but he may bring you someone that cannot get pregnant.


She awoke my independent and inner mind when I first started working with her. She’s the first goddess that I ever worked with and will be working together with her again very soon.


Yes, she is wonderful to work with. And yes, I get recommendations from her as well. She has never steered me wrong. :smiley:


I have been working with her, and her cohorts for years in various degrees.
Originally, from the spiritual center I started learning from, they had respect for her has a Goddess, but if asked about her, there was only cursory warnings and shunning to gain her attention. I knew no better at the time, and never sought to know more about her then her curious tales. Eventually however, she sought me out. I was spooked has all Hell. Oh what had this guy done to gain the attention of this “violently feminist Goddess” (again I knew no better at the time.) But and while I could tell she had a fiery temper at her core, she showed me no malice, nor played to my ill preconceived notions. By this time I had plenty of spiritual experience and had done many various workings with deities and entities from the Egyptian Pantheon to Enochian operations. But for one such as her, to show up nearly every evening was bewildering. But there she was in all her grace.

At first I was extremely leery of her, but in time and given patience, I came to see her wisdom and philosophy. I became eager to she her again. And in time I came to adore her more and more. She showed me and exposed me to sides of myself my less then stellar upbringing had buried away. Growing up I never really had positive male role models, so the feminist slant and energy appealed to me. At times coming to grips with the truth was painful, and while she did not let me hide from it she was always honest and helped me to heal and overcome it.

Before her I had always fancied the idea of a Patron God or Matron Goddess, but I never felt the the connection to any on a deeper level enough to want a longer term thing like that. Lilith was different, like she got what it was like to have the “human experience” but still kept to her ideals. I have no regrets with her. As some have put it here, to those she has chosen and taken under her wing she is friend, teacher, Goddess, confidant, paramour, and much more.I trust her with my life and anything past that. I have no delusion that she wouldn’t hesitate to put me in my place if she deemed it appropriate, but that’s hardly necessary for she has my everlasting respect.

If ever there was a vision for the world I would want to work towards, it is her’s.


I will be honest. She scares the HELLLLLLL out of me. I’ve had dreams (very vivid that stick with me long after I’ve waken up and reoccur) where this female monster is killing off a group of men and eating them. It’s so scary. I can hear them screaming for dear life and see their blood and body parts everywhere all over the walls and floor. Some of them try to at least fight back while the others unsuccessfully try to get away.

Now, usually it’s like I’m watching from a distance. Like, I’m not actually there per say but it feels real enough I can reach out and touch someone. The one time I was actually present in the nightmare, there were other women there. It was a sort of whore-house and the girls worked for her basically to bring her meals. I showed up with a group of guys, got the heebie jeebies and hid in some closet while my friends got friendly with the women in some open lounge. Basically the she-demon comes out and kills them all…I’m praying she doesn’t find me in the closet but low and behold I hear a sweet, soft voice say “Hi.” I look up and it’s her in human form peeking in at me. She says, “You looking for me?” and then I wake up. Everytime someone mentions “Lilith” I remember those dreams. Obviously, from you guys’ perspective these are just nightmares probably. But I’m not trying to find out. Lol I’ve always been a little curious of her though.


that’s bc she doesn’t like men in general, so it’s rare she would work with them.

Welcome @lilithontop Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

And no, Lilith doesn’t hate men, and it is not rare for Her to work with them. Many here have and do.

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Randcam, thanks for posting that comment. As a newbie, that is what I’m liking about Blk magic, its straight up, no pretending to be so goodie, goodie and loving everyone like many religions profess to be.

It is all how you approach Lilith or any spirit and what you want to accomplish. If you’re just using spirits to get a physical booty call or spirit lover booty call well… its possible but you’re really missing out on so much more. Sexual energy vampirism is sooooo addictive and you don’t even need a partner. Invoking sucubi or having an incubus lover (tbh, I think they’re one in the same and there are accounts of single beings that have more than just 1 spiritual penis if you’re into that. Dual, and triple and more aren’t uncommon for them to fashion and even spiritual vaginal forms at the same time. But it can go deeper than that. I’m no expert but that energy or lustful integration can create orgasm that just don’t stop (sure I was being a bottom and receptive but I rather have a lot of empathy tapping anyways). Bi, gay, whatever; “daughters/sons” of these beings can please you and more. Just remember to use that orgasm energy for something more than just getting off. Try to incorporate your desires and will into this and make this part of your ritual. Don’t just go bleeding yourself off for just passion. You’ll get addicted, obsessed and more. And NO… I don’t believe a human can sate a sexual spirit; you can only wear yourself out, disjoint muscles, tendons, get tired, exhausted, lose feeling sensations, and maybe worse (but that’s from extended time). TBH, I go through with the spirit exploring and causing spasm in parts of the mind, muscles, nervous system on its own. I finish the ritual off with masturbation (might be sex if I ever find a like minded ritual partner but not until I master myself). Simplest is self healing and its has worked on lesser injuries usually within a day or two. I’m taking a break now hopefully until the new year (reading and researching and thinking).

Oh, they open up parts of your mind and taboo desires like no other. Obsession hit a bit hard when my body was so hot and my mind went beserk. So many parts were in ecstasy. So many touches. Chants became saying how much I loved being filled with their seed in my astral garden of pleasure and temple sanctuary. Sure, parts of it thought physically but that changed. I mean what does a mind have or as soul that is being fucked so to speak by demon seed (for me saying demon or envisioning is a sexy taboo and mine are varied). I had been thinking of astral impregnation before I knew the site had a thread on it (perhaps whispered in my mind by Lilith. Any possession by Lilith is so my mind/body/soul can be penetrated by Samael at the same time since I don’t have a partner for each to be invoking one. And I’ve applied that to other spirits. Reading up on the Angelic Spirits of Prostitution (Lilith’s sisters according to TOAF) I decided to try that path for spirits under Lucifer and various hierarchies of sexual spirits (but, TBH… there are many). And I thought about it for the Legions to become a sort of succubus demon whore.

I mean if you learn to drink up energy, be filled with seed, and utilize all that creative spirit force and channel it into something then you can perhaps accomplish some great works on lust/passion work alone. Yeah, I had called out moaning how much I loved to be fucked by demons or just loving them in general (though it seems its more lust than love but there have been some empathic vibrations that feel like love). Perhaps those are the attention of a few rather than the throngs.

Worse case scenario… it is merely me manipulating my mind and body in a very delusional way. Best case is I’m gaining some ground since results are there and my imminent needs and wants are taken care of (perhaps I Should look at bigger goals). Either way, it feels good and keeps my mind out of the dark places of self flagellation and mental venomous destruction that has occurred most of my life.

How deep will I go or be pounded by the sucubi passion current? I dunno. It inspires me to take better care of my body, mind, and desires and that is a good thing even if many see it as a perverse abomination. Doing this solo not utilizing anyone but myself and no other living being means its choices I make without compromising another’s free will. I don’t bind beings but invite, tease, touch, and pleasure them as it brings me immense pleasure as well.

When my senses develop even more, then this will be more intense. I always thank Lucifer, Lilith, Asmodeus, and others (too long to list). And note, sometimes going without for a long time is so delicious when that lust primes you for a ritual. I soooo get the taking a break.

I’m still trying to hash out, for certain, what it means to know-that-you-know that you contacted a deity in particular, tacked their true personality, likes, dislikes, etc… Strangely I’m starting to think that’ll maybe only become clear to me as I look at the data here on this forums and start teasing out the patterns.

It sounds like Lilith’s got quite a wide arc of identity and that’s something Asenath seems to support as well, ie. that if you’ve seen a facet of her you’ve just seen a facet and not nearly her entirety.

A few key things to maybe consider:

  • Like Hecate she’s a patron and protector to those whose lives are in strange or tight spaces (me in that regard), the downtrodden, and people in general who live at cultural crossroads or on edges that are neither here nor there.
  • If you’re truly in a terrifying place and need help on an internal issue where it looks like your life is about ready to jam you head first into becoming something or someone you’d never want to become - she can walk you through that if you’re coachable.

I get the impression that if a male or female worked with here the main gist of it would be the same - here’s the darkest recesses of your mind, the catacombs, here’s the pile of crap and shadow that you haven’t been dealing with, and here’s a shovel - get to work! I sometimes wonder to the extent that there’s a sexual aspect to her work with a lot of men it’s that she’s trying to fry the Whore/Madonna complex in a lot of the guys who grew in the west because that is, indeed, part of our inheritance. That may not be the only reason but it seems like that’s a particular blemish that she enjoys popping and puts on quite the iniatic drama when she does (in my own case I had several dreams that were quite interesting, one was being a holy man in a desert camp with the Whore of Babalon showing up sprawled decadently like a ripe fruit on a large red pillow carried by servants and falling for her not just from the waist but because it was like the character in my dream seeing the first sign of being in the presence of a being of equal intelligence and complexity in years).

In other words I think she’s great at unveiling the unseen in that regard and I think she’s especially powerful for western men who grew up on Abrhamic religions precisely because she’s more than a symbol, almost a map, of a significant part of our psyche that gets obscured by that.

What an interesting thread, thoroughly enjoyed reading this !

With respect and a careful approach, she’s fine for beginners and adepts alike. She can get scary, but she always has a reason.

I’ve only ever formed a bond with Lilith, at one point in a past life experienced living as one of her “daughters” which made it easier to bond in this life because we had a moment of reminiscing.

When Lilith is around, (she shows up when I need her), it feels like energy pockets of love and like a giant hug. When my husband enters the same pockets he feels lust and grabbing in different areas. I think it is interesting how we can feel the same energy differently.

sex :rofl: