Lilith and Meditating on the Ace of Cups

Last night before going to sleep I meditated, using the Ace of Cups as a Gateway. I have been reading the Book of Thoth by Crowley again. The information is a lot easier to understand than when I read it when younger.

I have been working with the energy of Lilith, drawing her sigil and chanting her enn, “Agios Es Ama Lilith – Akhathil”, from VK’s site. The reverberation throughout my body is beautiful. The sense of peace and strength that flows is extreme. Everything feels more intense at the moment. My ideals are higher than they have ever been in what I expect from myself and others. My tendency to be a “people – pleaser” is diminishing rapidly as I continue to become more.

Anyway, last night I meditated, gazing into a small mirror with Lilith’s sigil in front of it , as well as a candle and a couple of crystals which I keep on my person most of the time. Holding the Ace of Cups I gazed at the tarot card and then my face in the mirror, alternating these as the trance state deepened.

Visualising the Kundalini energy flowing through each of my chakras, allowing awareness beginning at the base, moving up to the next and so on, without using the colours, “activating” each chakra and driving the energy through to the next. After some time of focusing on each the energy flows on it’s own, “looping” through all of the energy centres.

After meditating like this for some time my body can become so energised that it becomes hard to sleep. Before attempting any dream work I have been asking Lilith to help me still my energy as well as helping me learn to take the energy of a meditation/ritual into my dream with me.

I have a black “mirror” that I use, which is just a big piece of black glass shaped like an atypical tombstone. I like to use this for scrying and dreamwork.

Before going to sleep last night I placed my black mirror underneath my bed, the Ace of Cups card next to where I sleep. I like to visualise myself falling through the black mirror.

Last night’s results were really awesome.

In last night’s dream I remember being in a place of healing. Somewhat like a hospital but much more refined/pure. The details are somewhat blurry.

Not unlike a hospital there were women who were lifting me up and putting me into a bed. They were both in the nude as was I.

Although I cannot recall if I was in a weakened state I had a distinct impression that these women were putting all of their energy into me, to help and heal my body and spirit. It felt like they were not ordinary human beings as the words were flowing telepathically at the same time as being spoken.

One of the women hurt herself, lifting me up, and left, apologising for not having the energy to continue. She seemed extremely sorry that she could not help me even though she had hurt herself.

Although I was in the nude and there were strong suggestive motions of sex throughout the essence of it was healing. The woman who remained after the second one had excused herself said that we would have sex later on to which I replied, “I know”.

The overall feeling was one of contentment, healing and complete understanding in the moment.

I have not had such a vivid dream in quite some time. :blush:


Wow amazing :slight_smile:

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