Lilin Witchcraft: Descent Ritual

So, let’s keep this infernal ball rolling, shall we?

This is a ritual intended to lower the consciousness to the primordial void state, to reverse and invert the ordinary externally directed energy flows of the body towards the inner self, and to open the doorway to Lilith. It is meant to be practiced both as a form of self initiation, a daily meditation, and as a preliminary meditation before ritual work.

First, the disclaimer: If you begin to feel dizzy or ill or just plain “off” stop immediately and do something to ground and center yourself. Go eat something. Take a walk. Watch some brainless TV. Whatever you do, do not push this. Take it slow and if you can’t finish it or even start it, that’s ok. Just do what you can and come back to it later… or don’t… I’m not your Dad. Do what you want.

Second, one of the suggested mantras is taken from the published works of Asenath Mason and The Temple of Ascending Flame. I am unaffiliated with ToAF and this mantra should be considered the intellectual property of Asenath Mason. I am using it without permission but I believe it to be well within fair use.

Now, on with the show…

Best time to practice this is (in descending order of importance): at 3 AM or at least nighttime, on the night of the New Moon or during the waning crescent or waning moon. It can however be practiced whenever.

Get comfortable in your space, wear something comfortable (or nothing at all), and sit or lie down in a position you’re going to be able to comfortably hold for the next 20-30 minutes. Breathe deeply and naturally for a few cycles and relax your body and mind.

Once you’re feeling loose, begin qliphothic breathing . As you inhale, visualize white smoke leaving your body; and as you exhale, visualize black smoke entering it. Continue this throughout the remainder of this meditation ritual.

Imagine your body growing larger and larger until it encompasses the whole of your awareness. Nothing outside your body exists. This is the entire universe. Your head has become a vast domed cavern filled with a thick translucent mist that is neither liquid no gas. You can see your thought flitting around like fireflies. Pay them no mind. Just keep breathing.

Notice that as you breathe, your consciousness gently bobs up and down in the mist. As it does so, the fireflies begin to dim and reduce in number until it seems like they’re hardly there at all. As they dim, you become aware of a violet star shining within the cavern of your head. This is your Third Eye Chakra and it suffuses the mist with its impossibly bright glow. Watch it as you breathe and notice that with each cycle of your qliphothic breathing, it becomes ever so slightly dimmer.

Now, say or sing or simply think with your next exhale…


When you do this, the star becomes much darker. You can see it as a bright sphere now, like the sun.

With your next exhale, repeat the mantra. The star dims again and you see an impossibly dark spot on the sphere that seems to bend the light around it.

Repeat a third time and the star will be consumed by the growing event horizon and become a black hole. The violet glow in the mist has become an inky blackness and all you can see of the star that was there is a faint dark purple corona around the black hole.

Gently sink down within your body to the blue Throat Chakra and repeat this three breath/mantra cycle. Continue downwards through the green Heart, yellow Solar Plexus, orange Sacral, and red Root Chakras. You may feel gentle tingling or pressure at any given chakra as you invert its polarity. This is normal. Just accept and allow it.

Continue floating down through the dark until you gently come to rest on the solid floor of a vast, dark cave. On the rock face before you is a stone archway. Beyond the archway is nothing . A darkness so absolute that it is not merely the absence of light, it is a thing it its own right. Just as this nothing is not simply a vacuum, it is nothing as its own thing. This is the Void, and Lilith is waiting for you within it.

Visualize her sigil suspended in dark red under the arch. Call her name. Whisper it as you would to a lover. Or slowly chant the mantra…


You can sense her coming closer to the archway from the other side. You feel somehow that she approaches as a great serpent that uncoils all around you unseen, even as she slithers inexorably towards the arch. Feel within you the fear and desire, horror and lust. When she appears, she may appear as the serpent, the dragon, or a beautiful and terrifying woman, awesome and awful to behold.

She may say something. Carefully harken to her words if she does. She may allow you to speak. Choose your words carefully. Or she may simply appear for a time and then depart. Just accept and allow whatever happens.

When you are done, cease your qliphothic breathing and come back up to normal consciousness slowly . The ground and center yourself. If you received anything from her, write it down and just sit with it for the next few days. Don’t make any rash decisions and never take anything you received at face value. Digest it until you know for certain what it means.

And there you have it! I have been doing this myself daily(ish) for some time and it never fails to be a rewarding experience that’s well worth the investment in time. I also use this, along with a circle opening/closing ritual, as the basis for all my evocations and invocations. Basically, just swap out the sigil and the mantra/enn at the end; or, better yet, ask Lilith for an introduction to who you want to talk to.

Feel free to experiment and please do let me know how it works out for you.