Lilies and Lily of the valley

I’m getting this smell around me today. Quite strong, sweet flowery scent. Reminds me of lilies and lily of the valley. I don’t have any flowers inside the house or outside, nor does my perfume have these flowers in it.

Lilith perhaps? Is she associated with these white flowers?


I get that strong sweet smell as well when spirits are around.

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Often times when spirits linger, a scent familiar to them and their time alive on earth will be present as well.

When I travelled to Gettysburg, a city known for early American warfare, I could smell blood and fire and gunpowder. But of course on the physical plane there was none of the above.

I could see spirits of deceased soldiers lingering in the streets. And with each one of them came a different scent.

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Thank you @Aprentiz

Definitely one of my all time favorite aromas.

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