Likelihood of Something

So, I figured I’d ask this question in a better way than the guy who wanted to know results for a math test, because I have a similar thing that’s been causing me a lot of worry. I had an audition for something, what it was isn’t important, but I was wondering if divination could be used to know what the chance of me making the audition is? I know I won’t be able to flat-out know the results of the audition, and I have a general idea of what I THINK will happen, but often times, things tend to throw me for a loop because I always tend to jump to the worst possible conclusion. I have tarot cards, but so far they’ve been pretty inaccurate about a majority of things. I know it’s somewhat unlikely that I’ll get an exact answer to my question, so I was thinking about wording my question like “What should I expect for the outcome if this audition?” or something along those lines, because I feel like my problem with tarot reading is I don’t ask good questions, and typically opt for something with a yes/no answer. Anyone got any pointers?

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Yes, tarot can give you a rough idea about the potential outcome of the audition.

Phrase the question as "What will the outcome of the audition for (insert what exactly you are auditioning for) be?

So, for example, if you were auditioning for a movie role, you could say “what will the outcome of this movie audition be?” and the cards will provide you with a look at what possibility will be the most likely.