Like magical weight lifting

I came across an idea last year while listening to an interview of Gordon from the blog “Rune Soup”. His idea is to enchant (chaos magic sigils) for things that we already have or are very likely to occur in the future as a way of training our magical muscles.

For example: I create a sigil stating that I will have spaghetti for dinner. I already have the food ready to cook, but I cast the sigil as I would any sigil and then cook my food and enjoy.

The point of this is to train ourselves that when we do a magical operation we expect the results and do everything we can to achieve them. At the same time we show the “Cosmos/Divine Will/Gods and Goddesses/…etc” that when we preform a magical operation we expect results.

yeah… it makes sense.

so did you do that? did you have some daily practice doing that?

love it Oris…thinking outside the box…will try this one thanx

wow this is an awesome idea defiantly will try

^Oh snaps Azrael found a picture of me.

[quote=“bahamuthat, post:2, topic:1783”]yeah… it makes sense.

so did you do that? did you have some daily practice doing that?[/quote]

Not daily I did for a while then stopped around May when I began my 30 day working with Raphael. I was listening to the interview again and I thought I would share.

Oh this is a small but useful idea.

Certainly something to try as a means of training yourself. You know, I keep sitting there and wondering what to incorporate into my daily life to train myself more towards slipping into theta-gamma, being able to divine accurately, etc.