Lights flicker

So whenever I simply think about spirits the lights kind of flicker, does this usually mean they are aware I’m thinking about them? Cause I feel they’d know if I’m merely thinking about them like lucifer or some other gate keeper

Not sure, it’s not usual for people to get poltergeist action unless they are very heavy magick users or have poltergeists. Some emf sensitive people affect lights and computers negatively.
Have you been doing a lot of evocation and not banishing?

Just thinking about entities doesn’t do this for 99.999 percent of people.

Otherwise I’m inclined to say it’s nothing. Maybe check the light bulbs are screwed in properly.


It tends to happen more with candles than with the light of a room, so the cause might not be that. But yes, they probably know when you think about them and theoretically it’s already a form of contact, although very minor.

It’s weird though, like it’s also only visible if I have an occult book in my hand or if I’m watching EA’s videos