Lights coming on by themselves, how would you guys interpret this?

Like all my posts this one will be overly long and rambly, but I wanna pick y’all’s brains on a weird thing that happened yesterday.

Why I think this is spirit-related: I give thanks and sort of ‘chat’ with the spirits I regularly work with every night before bed- Bael, Orobas, Marbas, Lilith, Asmodeus, followed by a general thanks to Lucifer. I’ve been having money troubles lately and have been considering asking Bune for help. Last night I reached out to her kind of casually, just asking if she’d be willing to help me and asking what offerings she might like. Fell asleep afterward and had no significant dreams. Normal night.

Yesterday morning I woke up and started my coffee brewing then went into the laundry room to feed & water my kitties like usual, when I noticed one of the lights in there was on. For context, I live in the basement of an older(60s-era) home and the light in question is a spiral CFL bulb in a pull-chain fixture. I never use this light, it’s in a storage corner of the room and I have to shimmy behind a portable coat rack and stretch up on my tippytoes just to reach the pull-chain. No one else lives in the basement with me, the rest of my family lives upstairs and they don’t come down here unless they need to do laundry, which they wouldn’t do in the middle of the night while I’m asleep. They’re all even shorter than me and would need an actual stepladder to reach that light. Basically if I didn’t turn that light on, there’s no reason it should have been on. I’m not a sleepwalker, it’s not a smart bulb, there are no motion sensors, the basement wiring is relatively new, and this is the first time any electrical device has misbehaved so I highly doubt there’s a mundane electrical reason it could have come on by itself. I also found a big black spider in the utility sink in my basement right after noticing the light was on, and once I noticed it it jumped down the drain. Not sure how much that matters but I’m trying to be thorough lol.

When I told my family what happened, the color drained from their faces and any lingering suspicions I may have had that one of them might be pranking me vanished. My auntie told me she heard a door creaking open that morning when no one else was awake, and later on that night my son let out a bloodcurdling scream out of nowhere. When I asked what was wrong, he said there was a “ghost” in the mirror talking to him. I could attribute that to the imagination of a 5 year old, but combined with the other events I’m getting some serious goosebumps here.

My thought is that this was a demon reaching out to me, possibly Bune letting me know she’s willing to help me? But it could also be a more standard haunting. I definitely think this house is haunted. It was owned by a very old lady before we bought it, she didn’t die here but this house was her pride and joy and I can imagine she still pops in for a visit sometimes. I often hear soft footsteps coming down my stairs and when I look, no one’s there. I see little shadows and faint flashes of light quite often, in fact I’m seeing some flashes out of the corner of my eye as I type this. Lots of drafts even though the basement vents are closed off and all windows are shut tight.

Whatever it is I don’t think it’s malicious since my cats are acting completely normal, but I can’t help but feel a little freaked out :flushed:

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why not say Hi to the old lady and be nice. Doesn’t sound like she means any harm and could do with the company before she fades and dies the 2nd death. People are people it’s not that freaky just because they don’t have their push bodies any more, it’s more sad. Fear is not a virtue.


I wouldn’t love a spirit messing with my kid. Probably best to find out if its malicious or not sooner rather than later. There is no guarantee its the old lady of the house that lived there. You’ll have to find out.

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Oh yeah, I do! We bought the house directly from her family after she passed, so I talk to her sometimes and even kept some of the old decorations and stuff I found in the basement. When this happened, I said out loud “if this is just Mary, you’re welcome here but please turn off the lights when you’re done”. My main concern is if it’s NOT her along with the involvement of my kid like Blissful said, that’s what spooks me a bit. I don’t really know how to find out what exactly it is so I’ll have to do some research on that.

Damn thats crazy. If you have enough info on the previous owner, try an evocation of the lady. From there you can question her/get her to stop.

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I also believe this might be a haunting. It doesn’t feel like Bune would signal this way or get your child involved. I think it’s not promising that your child was afraid of whatever he saw in the mirror. I too would try to ask this entity to stop and leave whether it’s the old lady or not. If it wouldn’t stop then I’d do a cleansing ritual especially if my child was experiencing this too and afraid of it. But maybe that’s just me being overly cautious.

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So, don’t freak out.

If it’s a parasitic haunting, it will ramp up in intensity with the goal of frightening you.

BUT if it’s a lost soul, it will focus on mainly trivial attention getting behavior.

If the behavior is trivial and attention getting, PAY attention. This is a human who is lost and needs guidance. Direct them to either acts of devotion to the divine, or seek their release. Possibly they are in a kind of purgatorial state to learn.

These need not be feared, they need help.


I highly doubt Bune would do that either. The goetic demons have better things to do than scare the shit out of children.

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Thanks for all the replies everyone. I agree it probably wasn’t Bune, though I think I did get a sign from them last night either way(completely unexpected $300 check in the mail :astonished:).

There has been no further activity since I acknowledged whoever is here, so hopefully it’s not a parasitic haunting. My son has been acting completely normal as well. I’m not completely sure it’s the previous owner, my grandma died a few months ago and I’ve been smelling her in the house, my dad has also passed on so I suppose there are a few possible identities. I definitely still feel something here though, so I’ll try some of your suggestions. Thanks again!