I’ve been planning to post this question for a while. Which spirit is strongly associated with lightning and electricity? And how should I honor that in my daily practice? Lightning/ electricity has always played a big role in my life. I came to existence only because my grandpa’s first wife was killed by lightning somehow sparing her newborn baby boy (imagine that! It sounds really strange), which set a chain of events resulting in my
Mom meeting my Dad. When I was about 5 or 6 my Mom and I were waiting for a train and lightning struck the platform literally several inches from where we were standing but didn’t hurt us (I think it was right after my family made an attempt to baptize me). Since then there’s always been some connection as silly as freezing computers and “killing “ lightbulbs when I’m upset or anxious. How should I be working with this energy? Any suggestions?

Any storm god would be associated with lightning.

Thor, Zeus, and Ba’al Haded are the first to come to mind (Ba’al was originally a storm god before his demonization by Christianity. He’s one of the few demons whose worship as a god we have actual historical evidence for).

Angels have been associated with lightning as well.

I would look into your ancestry and see if there is a particular pantheon associated with your heritage, and research its storm god. Then go from there.


Furfur comes to mind from the goetia

Ba’al, Marduk, Taranis there’s plenty to choose from. Suggestion maybe start recording down whenever you see lightning or a storm, how things respond and react internally and externally around you. Possibly try meditating while its occurring, focusing in on the energy coming forth (inside preferably, no need to have shit like a tree fall on you) and take it from there, also maybe look into some electrical energy work, ive been curious myself in the terms of instead of a candles flame using a lightning plasma ball or tesla coil and stand to connect the energy in symbolism. Maybe use it as a scrying method similar to that of the dish of water or mirror and see what happens, if at all else theyre just cool to have around

Off the top of my head, Thor (Norse/Germanic), Perun (Slavic) Zues (Greek), Jupiter (Roman:, Ba’al (Canaanite), Set (Egyptian). There many, from almost every different culture.

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