Lighters vs matches

I’ve noticed that some magicians say not to use lighters to light candles in rituals, but they never explain why. Is there some reason why you should only use matches or is it just a bunch of BS?

I’m asking because for some reason in the past few workings I’ve done involving candles from some reason I have difficulty lighting the matches. I don’t know if it’s because the air is moist since I usually take a shower right before a ritual or if it’s just crappy matches, but it’s annoying enough to get me to lose focus and a lighter would be a lot less troublesome.

Some say it is disrespectful to use anything but matches. I used to be superstitious about only using matches until I met a witch who was (and still is) one of the best I have ever worked with, who used a silver zippo. I asked, I thought you were only supposed to use matches. She gave me an annoyed look and said, "why, can’t you get a flame from a lighter?"
Now I use a lighter or matches.
Do whatever works for you. Don’t get hung up on it.

I have used a lighter for ritual with no problems. I have found matches easier for lighting incense coals, however. I agree with Azesiel: Do whatever works for you.

I never heard of this. I’ve only used lighters and things are ok.

I use a zippo as well


I never heard of such things. I think (if anything) it depends on the intention…plus if it helps you The Adept reach a deeper level of the Theta-Gamma sync.

I don’t think entities or “Magick” if you will really care.

Hope all these posts have helped AMage!

It doesn’t matter what you use. I usually light the first candle with either and use the lit candle to light the others. It’s the same kind of superstions that you shouldn’t blow/pinch/snuff out a candle that your still working.

If it has meaning and intent to you do it if not don’t bother.

It’s in your intent. If the silver zippo, or consecrated matches, or whatever make you feel better, do as you will. Uncle Chuckie uses a flashlight for a magick wand, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dat flashlight wand…

I use a fleshlight for my wand…

I hope you don’t use that as a blasting rod.

I trust you performed the consecration and multiple charging rituals required to properly imbue it with the energy needed to fully appreciate its power. I found the process to be quite tedious and grueling myself. I was left in a state of dehydration and a nasty case of tinnitus that I thought would never ease up.

I tried to book a consultation with E.A. but was told that for a ritual of this caliber I’d be charged $5.99 for the first minute and $3.99 for each additional minute instead of the flat fee normally charged.

Real mages just point a finger and the wick ignites.

Hate to break it to you but that was your birthday and those were trick candles…we thought it’d be funny and then you got all carried away and it just got really awkward. We wanted to tell you but you just looked so pleased with yourself.

Yea once you master pyrokinesis to that degree you’re bound to never use it for random things like that

before going to the dentist I read this…LMFAO!!!

thank you for making me smile

Rub a jawbone of an ass and a river stone together. Works for me.

Hello,i hear matches to curse,lighters,4 magikal procyets,why? Bcse matches got sulphur, good to call demoniks of revenge,its wat i hear,

I use whatever’s in my pocket, doesn’t matter unless you want it to matter.

If you REALLY want to be hardcore, kindle a twig from a fire made from dogwood shavings lit by a burning glass at noon [magnifying glass]It won’t do fuckall for your ritual or powers[I don’t think!] BUT, it gives you practice and makes as much sense as this debate.

Come to think of it, I use a bronze zippo in honor of my goddess…MAYBE the fact it’s consecrated to her is the kick? funny thing since her first gift to me was a fire spell.Hmmmmmmmm