Light or Darkness?

If you were to die and you were presented with a choice: Go towards the light or the darkness, which one would you choose and why?

Both why choose one, that is limitation, we aren’t limited by choice choose the all and eternal.

Light and dark, space and time, matter and energy, soul and spirit for the dragon cannot fly if it spreads only one wing.


Darkness. It is the void where all thing are true. (Black)


Neither, just let me float in peace, never mind making a choice. It doesn’t matter, your soul can’t be taken anywhere and your body is worm food. I never debate my death. It’s natural, nothing else.

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“light is a good thing only equal to that of the darkness of your life and so no choice can be made as all is the same, one would simply float with an unanswered question until they can understand the option given at which point it is useless.”