Light f*ckery And Lucifer Pathworking

So this might just be a coincidence. But after I started working with Lucifer lights in the rooms I am have started to buzz with electric current the light dimming and becoming bright again or going out complitely and coming back on or flickering. None of that has happened before. Also roadside lamps go out as I walk or drive under them (about 15 in last 3 days). And yesterday I was driving with a familiar car from work and when I took the keys of ignition the lights in the consol came on by themselves after a few minutes. This repeated two times.

My friend who works with Lucifer before me told me about these things occurring to her before I started working with Lucifer. Is this a coincidence or is it Lucifer trying to tell something using the light sources. Or is it my own energy increasing by pathworking and causing electric malfunctions?

Also if you have pathworked with Lucifer, did this start happening to you? If it is Lucifer, what do you think he is trying to say?

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Maybe both? However, Lucifer does use many different kinds of signs to tell you what you need to know. So, have that in mind.

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Can u help me on this stuff I’m new

Or can u help me I’m new

Feel free to search on the forum anything that you need. Also, check out the BALG FAQ, most questions you have are probably answered there.

I had experience on my birthday on 7. november same thing. I asked Lucifer to be present in reastaurant where I have been with my family and all lights were going crazy.

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What do you want to know? I am pretty new on LHP myself but been a witch for 6 years.

Oh Nosferatu, you trickster.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to summon buné so I can work with him

Yup, search bar!

How do I know what’s credible and what’s not can you give me some sites or resources? I’m 16 so I’m confused on this path my whole family apart of the Latter Day Saints