Light Energy and Angels

Hello guys , right now i am going to discuss the misconception of the love and light, but before i explain that i have to see that you know that ( or should know by now) that real darkness and dark energy is not evil or negative. Also, REAL light is not some fluffy bunny , glittery ray of happiness. These human concepts of good and evil are just the way of our mind and brain making sense of things we do not understand and society has used ignorance and fear to install a blind state that even when you think you have escaped, you just jumped over a rock in a valley of mountains.

All energy is chaos to the core, and these primal energies we associate to be good and evil are all equal and do the same things. Light has a source though, but darkness does not, for it is raw, unfiltered and the closest to chaos. Light or " awakened consciousness" , was created in the void(chaos) through a torsion and started to create reality, form, and “children”. It is the brother to darkness, for they both are of the same mother. They work together and display what we call the universe today. Since these forces are basically the same thing, the illusion that one is positive and one is negative is just that, an illusion. Light energy builds and creates , but can do anything darkness can do like destroy and abominate. Darkness can do anything light can. It can heal, protect, build and can also be a destructive force.

Since these forces are so close to chaos, they do not naturally subscribe to the morals that ignorance and fear gives them. Why do you think the fallen fell and they are direct descendants of light energy or " awakened consciousness" ? They are not just mindless robots, they have there own set of ideas and preferences, like Samael or Lucifer before he went back.Chaos gives them the power to think other than slaving to the " divine will". Some of these angels are what you would call " demons of the light". They destroy, kill, curse, heal , and protect through there natural power of light. Then you have those angels who darken there light and move to the other side of the coin , darkness, to find their own path and power purely . These are the typical demons that civilization have shunned and spit on throughout the ages, or those entities demonized through the church.

There are no guidelines to these powers, so do not let society, tradition and custom say otherwise. Experiment and ascend through balance.


Darkness does have a source. All the elements have a source and that source is void/chaos. Darkness is no different from light. They both are two among many elemental energies that came from the primordial void/chaos with progenitors and from such those energies spread into different races and foundations of creation.



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It is all love. Love is the all.


I think you explained the illusion between light and darkness really well. Thanks for that. The relationship between the two is something I am going deeper within but can’t seem to formulate it just yet within the best words for myself. Feel like a puzzle piece is missing before I go aha this is it