Light/darkness, black/white magick, demons/angels.Polarity implications

Are these absolutely separated paths? Is Light, at the end, a common aspiration for all magicians, or black magick catches its performers in darkness for ever. What happens to each magician -black/white - after death and if going to the Astral? Can anyone dealing with demons, also treat with angels? Thanks for your wisdom!

light and darkness used on in this sense is more of a mental toy people play with rather than a legitimate thing, so people can mix and match it like legos.

The astral is a mental plane, it’s not a place after death nor the home of demons and angels, it’s the home of thoughtforms, egregores, and thoughtforms who devolved into parasites.

Many magicians have their own goals after death be it reincarnation, living out their afterlives exploring the different worlds they’re able, living their afterlives in their own pocket realm, some want to live in the astral in their own ball of imagination, but I am unsure that is a thing given the state of that plane being one of the mind but who knows.

Anyone who works with angels can work with demons, demon and angels aren’t racially against one another, however like every individual some don’t like each other, some love each other, and some tolerate each other, while others don’t give a shit the other exists. Infernal demons and judeo angels aren’t the only group of angels and demons either.

Add-on: Some magicians will be judged by whatever pantheon they follow, if they follow one. To follow or devote yourself to a path such as say someone who follows the norse Gods, they will be under said guidelines of death, rebirth, etc. Someone who follows the Loa, they may end up joining their ancestors as one of the Guédé Lwa or Rada Lwa.


anything could happen after death , reincarnation or explore other realms , I do believe in the concept will you be punished for major wrongdoings here , I believe In the souls evolution through higher densities of reality , 4th is love and understanding , 5th is wisdom and light , I do believe one should strive to expand their consciousness and live by the golden rule

Do you mean that each one creates his own reality after death according his life beliefs? This makes me to think: what would happen then, if the magician does not adhere 100% to any doctrine and his beliefs are eclectic?

More or less, I personally plan to go “home” after this life, meaning I know where I originated from and I know I will return there. Of course when it comes to pantheons your belief is only up to a point where that pantheon decides if you stay or go if it comes to their realms.


very interesting. But what happens if you do not fully belong to any path?

in my own opinion you’ll either reincarnate or wander the etheric/spiritual choosing to do whatever it is you desire to do in your afterlife.

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They all lead to the same goal. A fork where u either merge with the divine or decide to become a sentient god of this plane…

The dualities are real in a sense but illusory as well. They can be used perceptually to either siphon energy from pitting the two concepts against one another or merged in a harmony of sorts that creates something new from the balance…ie Dark + light = contrast (useful if ur making art, drawing, writing) or dark + light = neutral tone/shade …

Problem with light and dark is what does it mean??IN what context are the polarities used? Context is important…People used light and dark as though it has anything to do with good or evil…but im sure there are other contexts…

Death, no clue whats next.

I dont see why u shouldn’t forge ur own path…more wisdom can be gained about urself jumping around sometimes, drifting other times. Who writes these paths? Shouldn’t an individual’s system after a certain point follow his/ her own design?

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