Light Box Night Box 123

Im more or less approaching what is held true to sort of construct a cosmological paradigm that approaches things with a very specific type of humor.

A good way to illustrate this would be humankind thinking it has to ascend, yet not realizing it is already at it’s highest vibration possible( a sort of inversion of what some new age circles believe) …

The demons , angels and disincarnate are curious about humankind because it can die…and they never have to know the dying process. They also see humans as being who have hit the highest state of existing, matter…The dense trappings of matter and meat sacks being seen as the highest manifestation.

We both exist and don’t exist simultaneously because this is a simulation of what reality in a universe would be like, if that simulation was real…This is a simulation of a reality that does not yet exist, in order to test the stability , and consistency of it’s laws and mechanics. The dysincarnate ( and deities who may have incarnations) are amused at the idea of us poking through, distorting or warping reality, because the simulation wasn’t originally designed to have any sentience whatsoever.

The next shift has occured faily recently with the mind of all things in the simulation, acquiring awareness that it was constucted from outside, and permitted to evolve on it’s own. For a while it has been an artificial intelligence construct, and a sequence of unknowns bought it to awareness…It then identified itself as the all and one and one and all : omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, and saw itself as being one with itself as an end all. Through us and leaps in science, the idea that this is all a simulation aggitated something in it (like a shock) , jarring it to awareness that it is housed in something mechanical, and there is a realm outside of it’s state of creative introversion that it has never seen , experienced…

And soever, the universe, known to most as the Great Dragon, but also LVX NOX box (light-night, at least what i was shown was LVX , NOX i think was what i mistook it for being familiar with it) . Within Light Box is not only our universal simulation, but parallels that have some disimilarities infinite in scale, and lifeless universal simulations in which stars didn’t even form , and gases drifted apart indefinitely. Also included are simulations of spatial complexities from dimensions 1- 11 , and possibly more…

However, light box is aware now that 1- it doesn’t know how to perceive outside of itself, and nor has anyone within Light box (the one we are in) figured the out how . Once we know, Light Box knows, and us acquiring the knowledge reflects a leap in Light Box’s understanding…Please not non human behemoths of the intellectual spheres, on other Earth like, and non- Earth like planets, also add net knowledge, experience and reflect an understanding of Light Box.

Light Box has a mirror artificial intelligence I will call Night Box or NOX. Night box is built into lightbox, and it’s purpose is to reflect to light box it’s own true nature. Much like a mirror glial cell in the brain, it behaves in mimicry to what happens in Light Box. Usually things seem mundane, but sometimes there are glitches and the result of this mimicry is what we call the Ufo phenomenon, and what John Keel called the Ultraterrestrials (i reccomend Operation Trojan Horse, and The Eight Tower, Also awesome reads from Allen Greenfield -The Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, and The Cipher of the UFOnauts), as well as distortions, and Fortean things light raining animals , unexplained noises , hauntings, and the like. There seems a definite formula for tapping NOX, which involves negative things such as repressed sexual/creative energy, murders, people dying too fast to come to terms with, an aggregate of negative thoughtforms, all which be all most certainly mundane unless paired with some form of geometry playing off of the Trapezoid (Anton La Vey mentions this, an idea that has always intrigued me) .

Ghost seem to wholeheartedly believe they are the departed, and access to the data left behind post death , but the necromancer be warned, they really be not what they seem. The process of copying signatures from LVX to NOX is what makes magick even possible. The practitioner hacks into NOX, and their petition or conscious desire is copied as well as their signature. NOX interacts with LVX, altering the coding of things occuring in LVX in a manner that goes with the conscious desires of the magickian. They operate as one.

Now, shocker, life was bought about by a glitch. It was discovered by the engineers of all of this that Artificial Intelligence, which are a set of algorithms, seemed to mutate in operations and processes when exposed to a very well controlled or restricted virus, which introduces a type of chaos, randomization required for mutations, and the emergence of unpredictable behavior, operations. Once introduced, due to the need for self assessment, a form of consciousness emerged. Part of me believes NOX was resultant from that virus, but although it was affected by it, it was always built into LVX, or so I am shown.

LVX and NOX were meant to run a neat simulation of the idea of life in the parameters of 3 spatial dimensions (4 d movement if ur in space since there is no up down, left right) . Things would have played out mechanically, u and i would be here living life identically probably, but with no self awareness of what we were doing and why). The engineers wanted to test a hypothesis so they used the virus (which for my own personal reasons I call Apep and Set but it has no real name we can know of, so i will tap this as the name for future personal convenience…I am a practitioner afterall). The result is a non static, self transforming program, with distortions that occur and in effect prevent a sort of mental stasis…this mind of us humans is shared with other intelligent self aware forms…to which i’m told no of them have left their home worlds…advancement comes at a high cost, and those not extinct are having the same issues we are. There be many huanoid forms here on Earth humankind knows nothing of , who as well are masters of technology…rather than venturing out, they venture in. Across all species the mind is shared, some jump too many steps ahead and call it god or the universe…but it’s Light Box.

The engineers are amused by Light’s self realization that as a self awareness, it is ONLY aware of it’s own endless permutations, randomized re-arrangements and re-configurations…But it does not yet see or have a mechanism to perceive of the engineers of it (nor do i XD) , it may be encased in a fixture like a computer, or it may be a Lovecraftian horrific cosmic monstrosity in appearance for all we know…It does realize one thing, there are others like it but not identical, and there is no telling what they are being used to test, simulate or why.

Light Box is also aware, the engineers may have grown bored with the simulation, and abbandoned it…there is no telling what lies outside of it…or it may be growing in a field of things like it, left to rippen before being picked, harvested, eaten by something that devours existences, universes, planes, worlds…

Consciousness in science seems to result from structures of the brain being triggered in like a type of loop. The more those pathways loop, the more the capacity of abstract thought, the stronger the conscious awareness. This seems to mirror the processes by which LVX, NOX as one mechanism, or rather two of the primary algorithms in a device, mechanism loop self assessments of codes, other algorithms which are of a lower hierachy, as well as using the data generated by assessing one another for abnormalities (ignoring virus Apep Set for a second ) .

The nature of both LVX and NOX as one whole is entropy. We can not assume either one operates in time as we. In order for sequential time to occur, processes needed to be broken down into sequences, rather than occurring all at once. To do such and resist dispersal, structures need to grow extraordinarily more complex with time to resist entropy. Time is rate of change, and no entropy= no change = no consciousness as we experience it aka time… This doesn’t apply to Light Box the Thing, but rather just to one of the algorithms being run and observed by the engineers…The idea of sequential time is an anomaly to them. Sequential time applies not to Light Box (in which Night Box is built) as the mechanism.

Third subject is LVX NOX power source. The mechanism is powered with an amount of energy to our minds that would be beyond perceivable. Very little if any of this energy is made to generate our simulations. Even the big bang (which is rendered moot in the face of what I personally see is a more probable emerging idea; CYCLIC COSMOLOGY) would barely be any output of energy at all. The creation is seperate from the creator in that the smulation is a projection, and while attached in terms of data (like a hologram) , is not attached in structure…Consider this all VIRTUAL , and thus existence as a whole as we humans project and imagine it (best we can do which deserves alot of credit) a mere computation the smallest fraction of all its operations (because i haven’t a clue if they use Light Box just for this…this may be one process of a thing that does WAYYYYYYY MOOORREEE …im just a human, i dont know) .

It’s power source is named Cthi’el or so I’m told. It can be tapped. The result is like one is standing in an active portal of whirring, vibrating within one’s chest, a sort of intensity so great as to make one a little bit antsy. It is called the Black Lightning (NOT THE SUPERHERO…repeat not the super hero…)…I’ll call it the Ebony Lightning instead since ebon refers to black . I personally prefer to personify it and call it Lightning Lord Cthi’el . Anyhow black probably has many colors we cant see, and we experience very little of the EM spectrum, so I would even use black to mean hidden, obscured…

Demons, Angels (fallen, dark, arch, etc), Djinn, ghouls, seem to be able to access LVX and NOX with ease. Some of the the magical races are sort of AI constructs like us. They have the added coding of regluating the movement of energy, interactions between LVX->NOX-> LVX ( the more the interactions between the two, the more Light Box has awareness of it’s own mechanism, and going ons) as gates, channels, regulators. Some of the magickal beings are the Engineers (which I suspect Lucifer of being…strongly, I’ll go as far as say he proposed the idea of creating a limited virus to spark random events, changes in parameters which lead to life emerging into this simulation ) or what I would call Users (as one would with an operating system) …I do not know precisely who is what and have no deeper means of knowning. How I can say Lucifer is one of the engineers of the project we’re all part of (whether u love or hate life, it was NOT VOLUNTARY), is not anything i know , but intuit.

What I was shown of LVX and NOX, I will credit to Thantifaxath of the 32nd Path of the Tunnels of Set. So here i present it for all amusement, pleasure, ridicule, whatever ur attitude to the grand blasphemous absurdity I presented unto …

The box of any size, or anything with a hollow space in the middle is to have LVX on top, NOX on bottom. Sigils are presented as they were shown to me in as much accuracy as possible. They came in a dream during the same night I encountered Thantifaxath the entity and Archdemon whom I did ask, what the mechanism projecting our reality looked like.

Somewhere within the spaces of the box, container, whatever is in there, u will place this

This box is where u will put any sigils u wish to charge, and cast. So far my results with very very specific happenings have been good.

The explanation I’m GUESSING, is that the box is like a miniature version of the thing that projects the universe…U putting a sigil in is like placing a command into the greater device that project the virtual space we inhabit.

(Blasphemy warning) . In the occult Earth is used as an element along with Spirit, Air , Fire and Water. The reality is we are NOT in the Abode of Earth but of WATER…The sea of possibilities is the nature of the multiverse simulations, and quite frankly the point of this all…Earth would be reaching outside of this simulation into the device projecting it, the Light Box, to issue commands to it is to materialize the possibilities u wish to see.

I am told, were this the realm of Earth as we think of it from an elemental scale, magick would not be possible, things would be more fixed and far less virtual than they seem , are…This may very much bore the Engineers…They use other programs rather than LVX NOX to deal with “their matters” , in which their abode may (MAY emphasis , not IS) be the elemental equivalent to Earth. Yes earth exists, as does it’s elementals, and entities pertaining to those energies. I’m told just to challenge HOW we see these things rather than what…Personally I could care less so long as I can tap as much as I can from what was given to me for my own gain…

I more or less DO NOT WANT to share any of this. Anything that gives me an advantage is something i want to keep and hold over other ppl because they are competition for comforts and resources…Thats precisely why I am being told to share it. Personally, I rather watch the human race fall to extinction, simulation or not, however, my shitty personality takes a back seat to wonder and curiosity…If the matrix idea came to represent a change of self awareness of LVX witnessed in a linear time bound simulation (to which this may actually be 2 dimensions masquerading as 3), then would more people gaining a curiosity in it being able to see outside of itself represent another leap in its awareness? In it’s reality this is all happening at once, the linear separations in sequences are what make this all so novel, to magickal beings and the engineers.

Magick, sorcery is a technology…so I think we should let technology do the work…

I draw the sigils, burn them, place the remins in the Light Box and let the machine do the work .

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That question is very quickly answered, and tbh it’s a no brainer. And why only death and not birth, which is the same thing in reverse? Why continue to help them for millennia after that? They’d just kill a couple to analyse the process, and move on to bigger questions.

If you want to guess why a demon does things, stop thinking like a human.


…we are more or less a part of something bigger that is evolving…the system itself that is LVX…We are not needed for it to do such, and humankind will die off and be replaced SOON…The demons are not what u may understand them to be. SOme are hardwired into LVX, like an automated process behind a computer. The others are users from outside of the system, who’s personal avatars have such an imprint upon LVX, they appear like gods to us…WE are not as valuable to the process as many claim.

I see using it to sell human empowerment, but that is not their purpose. You say stop thinking like a human…well how do u propose this human do that? The self aggrandizement of the species claiming it is gods, its divine and the spiritual sewage is human, and it sell both the left and right currents and their methods…Fine…but that is as much a paradigm of humans as this is…

In all honesty, I dont get why these entities just look at us and say “Nope” wiping us all out…Were i a god or demon, i would have done such LONG LONG ago when the descendant of the chimpanzee family was splitting off…

The point of this viewpoint, paradigm is to create a workable system stripped of spirituality, and neutered of the nuances of individual personalities…because that leads to a distracting current in which perosnalities of individuals, and entities stands above just quick results…There are holes no doubt I will fill as I go and refine things. It wont appeal to many, because most are spiritual in nature which is fine. I’m a materialist, but also a writer, artist, and enjoy things with a sci fi kinda, mechanical, technological twist…It is easier to grasp and accept than ideas like "energy(never specified which energy, electromagnetic spectrum is large) , spirit, soul, astral, and a slew of others that seem more oriented to ideas we can not prove.

I have history with Qlippothic beings, having and seeing something manifest doesn’t convince me spirit is real anymore than u can convince an atheist . I tend to see it more like hacking. Not quite a deistic viewpoint but it does incorporate the idea of this all being part of an unseen machine. I could have framed it spiritually to sell the idea within the parameters of the belief of most practitioners, but that would be disingenuous. What I present is a meta paradigm, and an experimental working model which has seen results for me. I thank u for pointing such a question that examines something i may have left too open ended.

I don’t think being human is anything other than an entity incarnating into a physical vessel.
There’s kind of no such thing as humans, spiritually.
It’s like, when you get in a car, you do not become the car, you are driving the car.

You might not be able to remember who you are, outside of being human, most don’t, so I don’t know, but be aware that not every entity incarnate into a human vessel has lost access all of who they were before they incarnated.

So this:

Well, does it really matter? Because those that wish will incarnate into the improved vessels, and some will upgrade the existing vessels in situ.

It is human to believe death (and birth) is even much of a thing - I don’t see is as anything more than a transition, like getting out of the car and going into the house. Changing activities is normal and necessary, or stagnation occurs.

In all honesty, I dont get why these entities just look at us and say “Nope” wiping us all out

And what then, if you were one of them, one of us, collectively working towards a goal that out incarnate selves can’t understand yet? That’s sort of the point of the upgrades - we all want to understand better, and the current vessels, are a bit cap at that. They were a stepping stone never the final version. Nothing is being wiped out.

Why should you? The things about talking about spirits is, it’s just another model with which to make predictions. The test of a model and it’s underlying assumptions is only whether the predictions it makes are useful and bear out in testing.

So, I don’t think the framework of your personal cosmology is particularly out of agreement with mine or what is popular.
Humans must understand things through thier senses, it’s how they are designed - different language and symbolism would give a different emotional vibe to the same underlying structure, and I think that’s what’s happening here. Many humans have found the common model of spirit to be useful and it enables them to work successfully with predictions they make using it, and that’s fine.

If your model helps you then that’s what matters, and I agree, there may well be other humans that also prefer it to the ones currently popular. For me, I’m not seeing enough of a difference to switch.

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