Light born out of Darkness

For the last few months,
I’ve almost solely focused on answering questions.

I barely asked questions,
I actually wanted to know about for myself.

So this should have come up much earlier.

How to bear light out of Darkness.

We all know the connection between evokation,
and creating something out of nothing.

I want to learn more,
about the specific part,
of creating light - Energy - out of complete nothingness.

I’m quite certain some of us have experienced that in one way or the other,

So I will appreciate all contributions given towards that specific topic.

And yes,
even the “in the beginning God spoke, “let there be light” and there was light,” counts.

that’s not the complete vastness of what I mean.

I mean,
really looking into it,
understanding the process.



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In my experiences calling upon the eternal darkness. Formless and shapless. It creates light so that we can percieve it. Focusing on that light brings it into form.

Different frequencies of light that emanate a faint glow of white to a tinge of blue. That forms around the darkness and from the darkness to experience it, to percieve it.

Close your eyes see the darkness. Notice tiny little specs of light. Could be white could be blue.
Pick a singular point of light and hold that focus.
It then begins to expand. You may start seeing faces form from the darkness emenating light.

Hold that focus long enough and you may open the dragons eye. Which is surrounded by a burst of light. What do we use the eye of the dragon for? “Perception”

Creating light from Darkness/Nothingness, isnt that manifestation of creation?

“Darkness is being, Light is form”
Not sure where those words came from.

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They’re given by one of the Demonic Kings, which currently commune with me,
which Satan and Lucifer are among them.

So I think it may very well be their words.

Indeed, you’re SPOT ON!

Thank you very much for that great Contribution.

  • that’s exactly why I had the urge to ask the forum about this question for such a long time.
    (several months now.)

Maybe you’re familiar with my Power Word of Creation:

I always knew it has dark and light Energy which it’s forming and waving into what is needed / what is being created.

In actuality, I try to grasp further how exactly that works,
and comprehend better, the exact mechanisms it uses.

The validity of that power word has proven itself to me,
again and again.

I really think,

Is part of what I’m currently focusing on,
and researching.



Great question! It got me thinking what about vibration?

As the thought came to me the answer i got
“Vibration is movement”

Just read your post after getting that answer and you mentioned the power word of creation “AumOhmZui” Which i wasnt familiar with.

I too have a better understanding. Thank you for posting this question. Much appreciated. Very helpful.

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