Light and Dark are One

Posting this here because I feel people need to wake the heck up and realize everyone, human or animal has a dark and light aspect to their soul, spirit and mind. Wake up!! Forget the dogma, tradition or what have you. Just be natural, I say. Nature can’t be wrong. For example, ladies, you shave hair off your body and men their faces but is that natural to do? Were you forced to do this before you got to high school because it was considered beastly not to? What are we a bunch of glorified monkey’s! I know being civilized is a good thing but this has become too extreme if you ask me.
So many issues stem from forcing people into a mold that isn’t natural or not in the mainstream of a “normal” view of things. I just had to make a thread to discuss these things. God doesn’t care what path we’re on because, in my view, we already have him/her inside us, he is US, we are the god.
Okay down off soapbox, for now. Feel free to discuss the mixing of light and dark or whatever spurs your thoughts from this.



You’re not wrong about light and darkness, that’s why I walk a more grey path.

Actually where I work it’s against company policy. I’d prefer to keep my job, but that’s me.


So okay, I’m not suggesting people throw away the razors but was trying to make a point. I still do it too but cover myself if i can’t or get a job that doesn’t require a skirt. :stuck_out_tongue: Society rules cannot be changed and unless you are able to maintain and independent lifestyle somehow and that requires inner strength and high abilities and tools at self sufficiency I think most people do not have. Look at the Amish. They have it. They are strong without technology and proves we still can if you want to try to get back to nature etc… Someday we will all have to I think. Industry, technology and now digital have had their ages and we will move on to something new again every 30 years or so, maybe longer. Who knows. I just know that it will happen. No question.

Thanks for responding. I’m in that grey area too. :laughing:


Meant to post this one last night. Oh well. I think it makes sense for this topic.

“Being a bridge between the worlds,
Of here and now and beyond,
Is to not disappear into cosmic light,
Or get trapped in the dark underground.”


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