Lifeforce Absorption regarding electrical energies

Hey all, I wasn’t quite sure which thread to post this question in so I decided to just post here in the vampirism section seeing as it has to do with energy consumption.

So I know that when you start out building energies in your system that your body will start to automatically pull in energies all around you. Well I notice sometimes when I’m typing, or holding my smart phone for prolonged periods of time that sometimes my hands will suddenly be full of energy again. But it feels off to me for some reason, like slightly unsettling.

So my question is; Is this because I’m pulling in electrical energy from the device? 2nd, should I be blocking the energy out or purifying it?

I’ve heard that smartphones especially and most electrical devices put off radiation, so I don’t know if I should even want that energy in the first place.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

Well radiation particles are so microscopic, you can’t even feel them anyway.

But radiation is impossible to avoid so no harm in pulling in the energy. We are exposed to radiation all day every day.

Tv, Microwave ovens, ipads, iphones, Computers, Radios, MP3 players, The sun, even some digital cameras, security scanners and metal detectors, it’s everywhere. There are even RFW’s floating in mid air so even if you don’t have any of these devices in your home or you have less of them than other people, it won’t help. If you have lived this long without dying from it, I see no harm in taking in the energy now.

Also digital clocks, digital watches, credit cards with RFID chips…

Oh okay thank you, that’s interesting. On a side note, you wouldn’t have any sort of advice on how to start building up to blocking bullets would you? I’ve been trying to imagine building energy in a fully charged body armor lately to gain more physical protection, but I wanna know how I can keep that consistent. Haha, thx for your help.

My suggestion is that I endear you to first focus on absorbing more “universal” and omnipresent energy sources such as Prana and elemental energies. Why do I say so? Not because I wish to belittle you or anything, but because:

  • I’ve noticed that after some intense working, be it baneful or otherwise, electrical apparatuses tend to not function as correctly as they should. Lights will flicker or won’t turn on for a few times.

  • This has led me to getting zapped by several appliances, from mild jolts to full blown cardiac arrest, and has happened by touching non-conductive sources of said appliances. Within the same day I took a discharge from the microwave, the washing machine and the fridge, each in increasing intensity.

  • Since this is a recurring thing, I tell you, it ain’t nice. At all. At one point I could not feel my heart beat and to all tests it seemed as if it had stopped (people couldn’t take my pulse). Being realistic, it surely was beating still but with the same weak and rapid pulsations found on victims of a shock, otherwise I’d be out cold in a few minutes.

  • Being super realistic: My home’s electrical installation is busted beyond imagination. Long story short, the company who built the houses went under right after selling the majority of them, all a ruse so they could divert their funds unto some other project. As result, the final construction was shoddy, but you wouldn’t know until a few years later (took as nearly a decade to realize). So all in all, could be my house being fucked up by default instead of me just being a special snowflake.

  • Thing is, has happened to me in a few other locations and even countries, so 50/50 I say.

I applaud your will to experiment, but really, I’d rather first do some elemental manipulation (of the energies, not suggesting you start moving flames or changing the direction of wind, I AM SILL TO ACHIEVE THAT :D). Look up Ed Fitch’s “A Grimoire of Shadows” (pdf somewhere, I haven’t got it). It’s the same exercise of visualizing a cloud of the appropriate element filling you with its energy from the crown of your skull or simply from around you.

You do it while vibrating the enochian words for the element of your choice, and it is recommended you banish the energies after you are done:

Fire: BITOM (bee-tom)

Air: EXARP (Ex-arp)

Water: HCOMA (This one’s tricky, I found out it works better for me if I say either “Uh-coma” of “He-coma”, the “H” as in the word “Hate”).

Earth: NANTA.

I personally don’t vibrate them out loud, I dislike the feeling, makes me feel stupid. Instead I repeat them over and over, either in whisper or internally, at varying degrees of speed depending on what I feel will work better that day. I suggest you try and see what it fits you best.

Very very interesting, thanks a ton for that info that was very enlightening! As for banishing, I’m curious why is it necessary for channeling elements? Is it because your pulling them from astral realms and there could be spirits or powers connected to them? Lastly, as for banishing would you say that something as simple as holy water would be enough for that? I’m assuming that sprinkling about holy water in the area I channel the elements, and on myself should be good correct? I’ve been doing a large amount of meditation everyday since I was introduced to chi for just over 2 months now so I’m pretty new, but I plan on getting very serious with all of this as soon as possible… So I look forward to speaking some more, again thank you I appreciate your insight.

  • The banishing of the elements is necessary because if allowed to stay too long in the vecinity or inside your ody, some changes might occur that are not to your liking. Each element is associated to emotions and qualities, be it in excess or defect, and have their effects in our organs too.

  • Best banishing here is done by will and exhaling as you visualize the energy you pulled “puffing” away, or simply ceasing to exist (don’t worry, it dissolves back into the ether where it should be).

  • Holy water and such is ok.

  • And yes, you are pulling them from the astral. The theory is that they are everpresent energies that compose the fabric of this, our material world, and extend into the astral and vice versa. Just remember, there are no such things as “separation” between the worlds, merely layers of vibration. When you go outside your body in astral travel? It feels and it’s seen as an external experience, but in truth you’re just focusing in a part of yourself.

Much like when you immerse yourself into a video game. It’s there, in front of you, yet in a way, you are in a different place. Time and space are finicky concepts in the astral.

-As I said, Ed Fitch’s “A Grimoire of Shadows”. Sure it has a wiccan vibe to it, but what’s important is the section of exercises at the end of the book. They are pretty much universal practices divorced from the dogmatic aspect of wicca, so no need to be part of the cult or anything. You can find there a plethroa of exercises to keep you busy during dead hours :smiley:

Okay thanks, I tried the water meditation yesterday and I felt the flow of water so strongly that I managed to tire out my ajna for the whole night till I woke up this morning. Lol, this makes me believe that elemental energy is very potent! I tried the fire meditation today and felt a pretty decent sense of heat and crackling around me. As for “A Grimoire of Shadows” I can’t seem to find an ebook or pdf of it anywhere besides paperbacks or websites that require me to sign up and pay a monthly fee rather then just a 1 time buy unfortunately… :confused: I’m in a situation currently where I can’t just have grimoires sent to my house lol, but if I could just find a pdf/ebook version that I can download with a 1 time fee it’d work.

But anyway, thanks for all the help it’s much appreciated and I’ll continue channeling the elements and searching around for an ebook!

One last question, is the Earth mantra pronounced; “NAN-TUH” “NON-TUH” or “NAN-TAH” like is the beginning have an A vowel noise, and is the end an “uh” noise or an “ah” noise? I tried the earth one earlier, and I felt it a little, but not as strongly as the water or the fire so I was curious if I was pronouncing it correctly.

Like an “ah” noise. Earth element is felt less than the others for some reason so you’re on the right path :smiley:

You may want to check out elemental mudras if you going to work the elements they amplify that stuff a thousandfold

Wow thank you, you all have been of immense help. Also, I looked up mudras as you suggested and I did the air mudra with my fore finger & thumb as I vibrated Exarp while focusing on my crown for a little over an hour and I was seeing an insane amount of flickering lights with my eyes closed the whole time and it felt amazing. It gave a sense of clarity and perception

So I had an insight while meditating today, and I was thinking; If energy = Mass times the speed of light squared. (E=MC^2) Which is proven by the hydrogen atomic bomb the splitting of a single atom of mass creates the energy within the explosion of an atomic bomb. Humans are made up of trillions of atoms so this means that a baby alone would be equal to the same amount of energy within over a trillion atomic bombs. :0 I just thought it was cool food for thought.

Yes! This is one of the reasons our current understanding makes the Star Trek transporters impossible - they claim an ability to “tranform matter into energy, and then back again” but the amounts of energy involved are so vast… same with the replicators, just making a chicken curry would require enormous amounts of energy.

Riight, so that should mean that beings who exist in the physical 3rd dimensional vibration of consciousness such as humans, since we are composed of so much energy… That might kinda explain why we are such extreme spiritual powerhouses don’t you think? :smiley:

Interesting thing when you’re talking about vampirism, though: if it’s nuclear bombs we’re talking about, the fusion process creates magnitudes of power more than the fission process. 0.o

Just as long as you don’t try and absorb the energy from a nuclear bomb while it is detonating @_@

Touching on 333’s point, the reason many choose to start with Akasha or Elemental Energies is due to the similarities we have with those energies. We have etheric channels that already regulate the Akashic and Elemental energy in our bodies and thus they are easier to work with.

Electricity would take some getting used to and you run the risk of burning yourself out.

I’m starting to think i was more than half serious, though. Plants and animals absorb energy from the sun all the damned time!

Sorry I know this is off-topic again but look this article it blew my mind. I wanted to share with others who are also aware. If you’re interested in the super-consciousness and universal law I think you would find this interesting;

[quote=“kolton.stevens, post:18, topic:5735”]Sorry I know this is off-topic again but look this article it blew my mind. I wanted to share with others who are also aware. If you’re interested in the super-consciousness and universal law I think you would find this interesting;[/quote]

God damn it why you gotta make me feel so inadequate :smiley: Thanks for sharing, it’s really mind-blowing

No no 333! You were actually extremely helpful, and I’m thankful! :smiley: I didn’t even know about enochian language until you told me of the elemental mantras. Because of that I found out about the enochian calls! Which are of EXTREME power. Don’t feel inadequate, just allow that to fuel your drive to become more powerful! And prove anybody else wrong who thinks otherwise.

Oh and btw Orismen thank you for that insight on the Omnipresent Akasha, and Elemental energies. That’s quite interesting, and makes much more sense now that I know that. I’m curious now if astral water might work as a conductor to electrical energy, and if you could use earth energy to ground the electricity so you don’t fuck with the pacemaker in your heart… Hmm…