Life sucks-maybe summon a demon to help you get through the hard times?

So… a few days ago, I was having a bad day. Siblings (younger) were fighting and yelling at me for no reason and my parents didn’t do much to stop it either…
So I decided to contact Lucifer best way I could without getting in trouble by my VERY Christian mother. I did a quick sketch of Lucifer’s sigil and chanted his enn several times after meditating for a few minutes (more details as to how the actual ritual went I won’t bother going into much detail). Turns out he was waiting for me and sat there and kind of, I guess comforted me, in his own kind of way.
“Be strong. Keep living. You must outlive your enemies,” he said. “ keep to following me, achieve greatness and leave all that does you no good behind you in the shadows. Step out into the light…be one with me and mine.”
Now I know it may not make sense but this hit me like a truck. He was right. After I ended the ritual, I stood up feeling better. What Lucifer had said felt like a warm embrace but also a push of encouragement to do the best things in life and forget all my troubles. It was my favourite summoning out of the four times I’ve been successful.
As well as a teacher, I have found that Lucifer is almost that of a parental figure.


Very comforting to read.

Life be like that sometimes but I wish the best for you.

Thanks dude. Good tidings to you as well.

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I’m here, dude. Just message me anytime. I’ll listen to your troubles and be a helping hand.

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Same goes for you. I’m here if you need to rant mate.

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Nice. Keep vibin’ brother :peace_symbol:

:peace_symbol: :v:t3:

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