Life Lessons that I Learned!

The biggest lesson that I learned from striving to get better things and a better life is that how hard it was and how happy I am and that a person only has a few things in life Health Partner friends — car and a home and not having to work which isnt that hard I can maintain it now Although I am 21years old.

After life and some spirits crushed me I am really happy with my curent life which is waaay more good when I first started hustling 2 years ago.

Theses things one must feel in order to understand them but really there arent many things in life that one needs I wanted to be a milionaire but now I dont I burned out myself too much and I am very happy now even that I did this.
I thought that life was money and was willing to sell my soul for that but now I know That you dont need all that much money its good if you have but not worth it for the time and energy you have to put in it.

The biggest enemy that manipulates people into thinking that money is everything is social media youtube and some coaches but think of it this way back in the time the king was the richest and if you werent the king chances are you wont me now it is better but still becoming dan bilzerian will take years of your time and even then the things that you will have are not going to be that much more.

I might be wrong somewhere please share your thoughts.


Money isn’t everything but a very important part of life , however I believe having a few hundred thousands in my bank would give me the same happiness as one million dollars ! When I moved to a new big city and was lonely what gave me happiness was my luxury high rise apartment with a view , overseas trips , shopping sprees! I didn’t feel the need for anyone , but if I was poor in that situation I would have felt sad and unloved :joy: