Life Getting Better and Better

I’ve noticed a trend since getting into black magick, of my life getting progressively better and better. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s a million times better than before black magic.

Things are just clicking into place in such crazy ways. I’m not sure if it’s because of my pact with Lucifer, or something else entirely.

This really isn’t to show off or anything: it’s a real question. has anyone else experienced this? I was seriously depressed before getting into black magick, and now… just really happy with how things are going.


I’d say it’s a combination of everything you’ve listed. Life does get so much better and that great feeling you have only grows and continues to expand as does your knowledge of the arts.


I’m glad things are going well for you :grinning:

In all honesty I think we need to go through some shitty times before happiness starts the flourish.


congrats on your progress. It’s always good to see people making these kinds of changes for themselves. To answer your question, yes I’ve experienced this and so have many others. Welcome to the club.


When you invoke spirits to come to you through your various requests and you have success through your rituals, it is indeed empowering and you feel total control and gratified. With knowledge of the occult and success, you will find that knowledge is power and you can achieve anything.


I am glad you are happy.
My first few months on this path with Lucifer got quite intense and I liken it to a massive spiritual tsunami coming into my life and sweeping away 80 % of it (no lie) Very painful, very much needed.

He removed all false friends, a career, my vanity and material nature. It was like being stripped clean to the bone.

The rebuilding was character building and made me a much better person with a better career and better friends. Tough but totally worth it years on. I see what is real now