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Traditional Chinese Medicine, for over 10,000 years has treated all ailments with diet first. They don’t even go to supplements until diet has been fixed. Then it goes to drugs then surgery… Now we get drugs first over fixing diet, and the food is poisoned, just because it makes someone some money. It’s silly really.


The majority of info in society, the majority! literally! is a lie.




Mind boggling actually you know. It seems in a lot of respects instead of evolution moving for the human race we actually are heading in a downward slope with regards to a few industries. The pharmaceutical industry especially is at the forefront of “fixing” everything with chemically induced “medication”. Which really, if one does some research has got bad consequences written all over it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the developed world has pretty much changed our way of thinking about some topics and how we go about normal things in life. Whereas there are civilizations living today, that are still very much the same as it was very very long ago. Here in Africa, there are tribes still living in remote areas that have never even heard or seen the modern world. Yet, they survive, they live for generations without the need for industries like we have…Just my two cent rambling anyway, on an otherwise forgotten topic… Dark regards





Vegetable oils and sugar combined were sold as a weight-GAIN aid back in the day:

In enlightened 2019, that’s the basic formula binding together a lot of “healthy” breakfast bars, that people buy to lose weight, as well as most “snacks” and processed foods. :man_shrugging: