Life changes

Hi all

I am new here so just. Question…

I can see lot of benefits and good things that have come about in my life ever since I began to be open and follow my path.

I am curious to hear from others, what has changed in your life since you started your spiritual path -positive and negative please be honest :slight_smile:



Regarding voudan?

Just specifically your spiritual path weather it be ocha,voudun,palo etc

I see other humans differently, i understand them better, and i am feeling more receptive, been way less angry and deceived by them.
There are still many that i consider like “madafakars”, lol, but it dosen’t affects me so much anymore, so i can go minding my own business smoothly!


I have gone through several initiations and with respect would like to answer this question from my background of experience. One thing I think most people fail to realise is that legitimate initiation is not only powerful but beautiful in that its beauty is found in the spiritual rewiring of an individual.
Concerning Regla de Ocha I received both my Elekes and my Guerreros at the same time. The Elekes ceremony is symbolic of acceptance into an Ilé and grants protection with the Orishas and gives the initiate the rite(derecho) to give devotion. The warriors Elegua, Ogun, Ochosi, and Osun when given to me this was when the layers of me began to peel away, it was after receiving my warriors that I realised the diamond in the rough that I was.
It wasn’t perfect but I had a squad with me that I knew I could always count on. A few years later I recieved Kariocha in the Mysteries of Ogun. Life doesn’t necessarily get easier but the great thing about Kariocha is the family I’ve gained through Orisha which I don’t think can be really understood unless standing there.
My Rayamientos were amazing but I can’t get too into that. But I will say that no one should attempt to “tap” into the Palo current, it is not only ultimately disrespectful but the all the spirits involved in that religion are safe guarded and can only be understood by undergoing the death process that is the initail Rayamiento as an Ngueyo.
I have to say this also. It goes deeper than servitude, for me being a Santero, Palero, Spiritist, and Root Doctor is my way of life while each tradition is separate from one another they are inseparable from who I am in the flesh. I was born this way yet it took baby steps for me to get where I am, If that makes any sense.


Yes thank you very much I really appreciate your perspective


Thank you for your response. This is actually something that I have thought about too :smile:


My voudan path is something personal but i will say this regarding haitian voudan. It has changed my life both from a dark place and the lighter place. I am working with the rada at the moment agwe, im trying to pay attention to his signs and messages i have not received any yet


Thank you

I’ve learned about how much love a spirit can have for a person. And also about the importance of respect for the spirits. Vodun taught me that the spirits are REALLY real and that they are powerful indeed.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Alot of voudan it would seem is primal and ancestral even legba has mentioned to me “your ancestors,the ancestors” so it stands to assume there would be validity in this form of left hand path magick with the loa. It is both powerful and intriguing