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Hi guys, I was unsure what to name the group. Perhaps someone could come up with a catchier title. As for the group itself, it would probably be best to focus on the primary theme of the forum, though anything helpful is welcome.

Addiction and weight issues are heavily mental. There is alot of mundane work involved but very few people can easily flip that switch in their mind that keeps them on top of it. For example, I know everything I need to do and why I need to do it. I need to get rid of all the noise and negativity holding me back. Then it all needs to be done simultaneously to ever get anywhere. If it sounds like I am overthinking it, it’s because I probably am. This is what I do and it creates anxieties and excuses.

Anyhow I look forward to seeing what you have to share, your experiences, entities that gave you that push you needed, meditations that have helped, anything that might help someone else.


To help me quit smoking I decided to start of slow.

Before I smoke I will visualize breathing in light watching it make the trip to my lungs, cleansing them, and coming back out clean.

When I smoke I will close my eyes and as I inhale the smoke in my lungs, I will visualize the act, watching it blacken my lungs, then coming out my mouth in a big puff of toxic smoke.

For before I smoke I thought of breathing out the toxins cleansed when I exhaled. I decided to go with the light automatically cleansing and coming back out pure so it wouldn’t get muddied with the smoke exhaled in the next one.

The key is the impact of the difference in feeling between the two.


I found this Addiction - A Being Of Its Own? to be helpful. Particularly the very end of the first comment. I tried to quote it here but I haven’t figured that out yet.:grimacing:


My losing weight scheme is related to my invocation, and I plan on starting soft core invoking tomorrow already, so gonna hopefully start hitting the gym soon.

At one point I will vow away soft drinks, snacks, and other tasty treats in favour of porridge and…well, whatever I can cook.

At least I am a decent cook. :smiley:

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For my weightloss efforts, in addition to cutting things out of my diet, taking vitamins, and increasing my physical activity I will be trying some energy work.

One of my main practices lately has been buckling down and learning energy work. There has been some bumps in the road but if my theory works in practice I am hoping I can figure this out. Research is still needed for this aspect of energy work. I have been grounding for years using the root method releasing excess negative energy into the Earth’s core and pulling up clean energy to take its place. In theory I could pull up excess to help. I plan on doing more research to find out if it is a reliable method.

For both my weight loss and addiction issues I will be doing shadow work and self love to help move past anything holding me back. I will also be receiving assistance from Lilith through this part of the process.

I have struggled with my weight for my whole life. However I finally found something that actually works. I can’t praise the ketogenic diet enough! There are some caveats, so study it well. There is plenty out there on YouTube about it. Also (little known fact) weight lifting is actually a LOT better for helping you lose weight then then heavy cardio. (and if you do it right weight lifting can be a cardio exercise itself) combine Keto, weight lifting and your sorcery and you will see some astounding results! I myself have lost close to 80 lbs. in 6 months. no calorie counting, or viscous cravings for snacks


There is a lot about it in published medical journals too.

Thats not fat though thats water and lean mass.

Yes this is true but diet is even MORE important than this.
If you want to destroy fat then fast youll lose fat and heal your body in the process.

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Last one i promise

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I know exactly what you are talking about Id PM Lady Eva constantly talking about how I KNOW what I ought to be doing but was never doing it. Knowledge is useless if you dont use it.

Here’s what helped me

You MUST have a morning routine.

Look up keystone habits and follow through

Id suggest
To start theyll change your life, body, and brain.

Get a planner and start planning.
Even if you hit 2 of the 10 things you want you are still hitting 2 of the 10 and thats more than 0 when you dont plan.

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@Titan.M I’m not even going to argue here, it’s not worth my time. Pearls before swine


You’re chucking some coal not pearls :+1:
Science and change can be scary.

I have that issue myself. I know the answers but taking that and doing something about it is the issue. Thia time I am trying to add a mental and spiritual aspect to it. That should get me out of my head and doing what I need to do.

Gonna start drawing back on sweets and processed food today.
When me and my new best friend, Ares, start to work out, I will start posting updates about that.

I have to say I haven’t done too well. Last night I got some much needed rest though and Asmodeus is helping me put some things into perspective. What I hadn’t realized is laziness is my biggest issue.

Sartmulu a mars spirit is helpful in exercising the body. I got his information from (summoning spirits) by konstintinos

Wow, that sounds appealing… NOT! :laughing:

You have to sell yourself on a lifestyle change before it’ll take, even joking that the alternative to “tasty” (yummy, delicious, cannot stop - who are you advertising to here? :wink: ) snacks, is porridge… well. :roll_eyes:

And how are they “treats” if you want to get rid of them? :smiley:

You’re doing like evil (destructive) NLP against your own intentions here, and running an advertising campaign on your own psyche, for the very things you most want to eliminate.

And you’re as bad :stuck_out_tongue: - cutting things out, woo, appealing!

Honestly the way you frame things is 99% of the battle, at first anyone can commit to porridge and cold tapwater, but when you’ve had a tough day, are tired, upset, that’s when your inner vision of what you are doing and why needs to totally support you.

Every hardass throughout history had a why as well as a what to motivate him.

No-one can lift their way out of a crappy diet though, so where’s the argument? :thinking:

Try Afformations:

  • Why do I choose to (good habit you want)?
  • Why do I enjoy (good habit you want) so much?
  • How is (good habit you want) easy for me?
  • Why do I know I’ll succeed with (good habit you want)?


Your brain will start coming up with answers, and because they come from inside you, they will be authentic and therefore effective.

I actually made a MASSIVE shift in my own set point about some stuff recently using Afformations, not just flapping my gums here folks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note down in writing when they hit you hardest first, work out what solid and moderately enjoyable plans you have in place to replace them with.

You can try and go full spartan warrior but unless you have fanaticism as the enjoyable thing (which again is all about how you frame things to yourself), it won’t last.

Pay attention, because I am about to share a game-changer:

Most people gain weight with the same foods, or very similar types of foods, at the same times of the day and week, eaten in the same places.

Find out what yours are and come up with something better, and ways to make that “better” also enjoyable, either on a sensory level, or a psychological level (going heavy with motivational YouTube videos while eating, instead of slobbing in front of TV, for example. Commit to that 6 days a week and have a slob-out and 2-hour guilt free TV binge once a week).

Try eating in a new location and make it a thing to ONLY eat there, 5 or 6 days a week, it will help break old habits.

Yeah you have to get all your mind on-side for this, it’s cool, everyone is a failure until one day they’re not. :muscle:

Define (not to me, but to yourself at least):

  • when am I lazy?
  • what does being lazy feel like?
  • how do I know when to be lazy?
  • when am I NOT lazy, on a consistant basis?
  • how do I know to not be lazy during those times?
  • what does that feel like?

Also buy the book The Now Habit (NOT about “just do it now”) - it’s about “laziness.” Which is mostly a myth.

I could go on, but don’t want to piss you off. :smiley:

I overcame more self-created shit in my life than most people though and paid a lot of clever people a lot of money to help, and bought (and actually read) a lot of books so I have to be non-modest and say, I do know my stuff here. :hamster:


This is about how Afformations work:


No need to worry about pissing me off. I agree with everything you have said. I have already started some shadow work focusing on some of the questions you mentioned. You have given me some others to ponder as well. I am looking up the book you mentioned. I use affirmations and self talk in the mornings but could definitely could use their boost later in the day.

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In my own defense here, I never said not to diet while lifting. I in fact was trying to promote the keto diet in ADDITION to a well rounded lifting regimen. Please read my first post on this topic again

hypnosis is great for behavior changes and anything related to emotions.