Life and death

Hi Eric can you please tell us what is your opinion on life after death and what do you think about what will happen to the any magican when he/she dies
Thank you and take care


he already has made a video about that.

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This keeps getting bumped, this is the video:


Sry Eva but this is an old post before video

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  • I feel compelled by some Things i learn…

I wan’t to understand,
what makes this aghori-ship
and death of ego Thing…

Maybe someone can help me out with stuff regarding Nabateans?
Booklings are very welcomed.

thanks in advance.

Kindest Regards,



I specificly seek the meaning of this spell:


Repeat this incantation. ‘Tal Shata Alsh-Tu. Tolu Shatu Lam-Aske.’

Celestial trumpets and angels singing were heard in the distant, and suddenly a blinding light overcame all my senses. I couldn’t shield myself from it. I could see the light though my eyes were tightly closed; I could smell it, taste it even. Forcing myself to gaze up at the Holy Being, I mustered my request of being relinquished from the Demon and the physical dependability of the drugs.

Becouse i wonder about somethin i heard…

“That Ahriman was needed to Show the light to Ning´’iz’sh’zi’d’`haa”,
but i feel that’s not entirly true…

Am i too far off the track here?

Just wonderin…

A whispered echoed in the distance, telling me to evoke Him, the demon, Azazel.

I mean i have the calling,
but i don’t trust into it completly…


Very powerful incantation

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have you tried it, Rav?

It’s a beautiful one. xD

i know by now that i can be used for dissolving.

Aparently it was never answered here.

Must have gotten my answer directly through spirit communication i guess.



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It’s like a rain of fire excellent for everything what demonic is, luciferian and satanic witches/priests and burns sephirotic influences.


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Thank you for sharing it over there.

river of flame,
rise and rush through this rite.

Thank you for helping me discern that one. :smiley:



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