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hi, am new dont mind my luck of knowledge in this particular area in life, but i feel you have very welcoming soul and reading your conversations, i gotta say. u know what you are talking of. i don’t but i need to, so if you could help but if you are busy i’ll also understand.

I wrote you a message.

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@anon48079295 @Cernunnos @Strylyn @Helena what is some useful information (that is applicable to everyone) that you have learned about your past lives?

Be careful to run every spell (especially baneful magick) through a decent amount of moral checks and balances (which the sorcerer creates over time based on experience) or you will almost always regret the outcome.
Because magick on a whim usually hurts more then it helps.


I’ve simply learned to see the bigger picture and not let small problems stop me from something.

@Cernunnos what moral check should I use? And does it hurt the people directed towards or the practicioner?

The answer to that is all part of the journey.

I am sorry. I thought I had quoted a another post. I have not learned anything of past lives. I was commenting on this [quote=“Cernunnos, post:19, topic:75657”]
the flip side certain places on the dark web are talking about a cure we have had for cancer since the 80s, big pharma just makes too much money off of the sick continuing to stay sick.

So you don’t think that you could merge with all the akashic records and become omniscient?

Nope, the akashic is just a collection of experiences and memories as energy of the specific person. I don’t believe in a large akashic place where everyone’s memories and such is stored. When someone does an akashic records reading on someone they are projecting into the person’s soul so to speak and reviewing that person’s akashic records. I don’t hold the belief in an akashic plane where everyone’s things are held.
In my experience my akashic records are in a way within my soul and not really connected or lumped with everyone else’s.


So recently it became known to me that reading my record would be a good idea, and I have every intention of doing so myself. For the sake of knowledge and understanding (and perhaps for the sake of argument/discussion) what’s the upsides and downsides to learning to access them yourself versus paying for a reading?

PS there is a lot of great info here that I plan to use so thank you!

There’s no downside unless you’re not prepared for possible emotional stuff that may arise. The upside is you’re not going off someone else’s word, you’re actually experiencing it first hand which is better than second hand information.


I have always felt a sense of calm and peace reading every of your post. I’m willing to “know”

What exactly do you want to know?
This post was 3 years ago, since that I have been able to read in that library only once, and I was only allowed to look into my own past, everything that was about other people was forbidden to me.
I’m not an expert on that matter either, sadly. I’m not able to force this knowledge.

Also, it is a rule in this forum to introduce yourself, you can do it in this thread:


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I want to add that it was not a book I was reading in that library, but I was given a notebook that has recorded my whole life.
This library apparently uses whatever medium that will make you understand the information, not only books.

It’s been 3yrs and I still can’t get my own thoughts out of the way whenever I need to meditate or OBE (monkey mind),is there something I’m not doing right ?

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Hmm my method of putting away thoughts is to visualise a drawer and putting the thought inside, in order to deal with it later.

Thank you , can I make some enquiries privately?

I’m rather busy nowadays and not so active in the forum as I used to be. I suggest asking the community if you have any questions, there are lots of different folks on here with different kind of knowledge.
You can use the search function, you might find a lot of stuff that has already been posted. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always make a new thread.