Liberation from Past Oppressors/Lingering Energy

I pose this question - say you believe that you are being blocked by what you believe to be cosmic entities, “Elder Gods” who are essentially designed to maintain the balance of the universe. How could I liberate myself from them? I think they block me from trying to use the occult and even go so far as reset time if I get too far.

How do I free myself from their influence?


Baneful Magic is The Sword of The Gods, capable of taking out any person, obstacle, thing, energy, place, spirit, group, or even established Gods.

Start small and learn to kill a single person if you have not done so. After your power builds, choose your favorite baneful method and replace your “Enemy” with the Name of the Group of Gods that are fucking with you.

It will be a battle.

The thing that matters is not the tool, but the power. That Power is developed by your connection to the Powers of Death And Destruction. Thats why you start small with a single person and work your way up: to develop and become the very same powers of Death you call.

They will try to hinder your spells, make you feel powerless, cut your connection to the Darkness entirely, and many other tricks.

Its up to you to keep going. Stack Death spells upon death spells and build up the odds against them. Every day. No exceptions.

You will wake up soon and realize their interference on your Ascent is gone.

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Such as?..

How new are you to using Magick?

I ask because if someone is blocking your attempts they very well could be protecting you from the unintended consequences of your works, assuming they feel protective of you, and ancestral Gods sometimes are.

Could also be protecting a target of yours

Or very well could be giving you obstacles to overcome so you can get stronger in your abilities by having to work harder

Lots of reasons why an entity might intervene.

Advice: try finding out who it might be that is blocking you and ask why. Then you can adjust based in their reply.

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I also think it’s important to know why before you go taking sledgehammers to anything.

It could be that you did something and were bound in a past life, and breaking that wihout knowing why may bring on consequences and retribution you have no way to handle right now.


What @Lady_Eva said.

I used to think that i was being blocked or punished because I felt disconnected from my environment and all energies. When I got into magick, my goal was to find the cause and destroy it but it turned out that what was really going on was my larger self, my Higher Self, the Big Me, whatever you want to call it, was protecting the little me from some nasty stuff I was not ready to deal with.

As I progress, and evolve, the barrier is slowly coming down. It took some wise words from Belial, channeled on my behalf, to make me look at things in a different way. He said, "Spirit cannot be rushed, and things will unfold in their own time, as Spirit sees fit.’

You might want to look for some outside confirmation of your belief that some entities are holding you back before you start swinging as it could be for your benefit.


^ This is actually pretty important, I was reading a thriller and the first thing the guy does before breaking into a building is check that the door’s even locked… sounds silly but distractions like that are well-attested in various ancient stories, as encoded wisdom to remind us to check there even is a challenge, before we go to voercome it.