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Yes, but if you have a sweet fume it can be used.

Write these words at the back of the Invocation: Mo di papa-nla tin jo torun-torun, modi efufu tin mile kikiki; modi kanranjangban inu igbo; eni bani kin ku, awon ni iku kan. Eni bani kin se aisan awon ni aisan kan. Eni ba ro ibi simi ki ibi o ma je tiwon.
Mofun iku ni eyin pepeye je, mo ba iku mule, iku o gbodo pami. Gboin-gboin loke wa! Kin ma ri se niso, kin ma rina, kin ri je, kin ri mu. Ase!"

It’s more like incantation, terrible one. Can’t be written in English. It would strengthen the seal. #Enlightenment


It used in strengthen any types of seal or?

it looks so simple but terrible one

You mean the incantation? NO. It’s not for any type of seals. If you attach the incantation to some Pentacles of Solomon and make it into a seal, a skull with deep dark flame will appear and scare you if you have enough protection, but hurt you if you are without a potent protection.

The recipes, words of power and incantation for each Pentacles, talismans, Invocation are not the same.


Can use another line color???

what mystical character we should add that will waken the Spirits whose names are written on the symbol?

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