Liber Li. Atlantis: The Lost Continent

Hey what’s up? I’m got another thread for discussion. On this one I will be posting about Crowleys Liber Li. The book reads about a lost civilization and has become a hallmark of questions and theories.

As Kenneth Anger has exclaimed it’s a manual for sex magick. Outside of just reading Li and the resources that follow I haven’t been able to piece the puzzle together for a working manual. So I will be asking if anyone who know about this to please comment.

From what I know. Crowley developed a working manual out of Liber Li to develop the practice of tantra and it’s applications. I have posted about the book before, on this forum with no response. So if you look up magick and dmt, you will find some interesting information about how states of consciousness produced by magick can release endogenous chemicals that can help the body in relation to spirit, to fine tune to ascension process. The works of Blair Blake Mackenzie can be illustrated at this point. Not to mention to many gems of the Toolband newsletters. (January 08, is where I’m directing this post from). Also there are articles at the dailygrail website, especially their articles on subrosa, can be of use.

So with liber li, as a working sex magic manual and the articles, thus published about this tome. One can discuss the nature of working with the
Body this way. To consciously control bodily functions is what we are after. At least that has been what has been stated about liber Li. Not to mention most of this commentary has been noted by Blair Blake Macinzie in his book Ijynx, not to mention his commentary about time travel in the toolband newsletters. (Jan 08 issue)

This has been the topic of research for me in the last few years just seeing if anyone has looked into this book in this light. If not here is some material to look into, as I can post a few of my online sources that are available. Anywhos I’m sure I will be updating this tread if a discussion is implemented. Have a good one!