Liber Belial Circa. 1382

Many of us have heard of and even experienced Belial’s ability to influence legal proceedings. However this seemed to me to be a unique aspect of the spirit not recognized in the goetia or in other sources I was aware of. I couldnt even remember where I first heard Belial mentioned as a Demon of the courts.

That is until the other day when I was doing some more research that I stumbled upon a reference from over 600 years ago that almost made me spit my drink out of my mouth in glee.

Liber Belial authored in the year 1382 by Giacomo Palladino AKA Jacopo De Teramo (1349-1419) details the events that take place after Satan appoints Belial to take legal action against the celestial courts concerning Jesus’s actions on the earth (as far as I can discern so far.)

Liber Belial also called Consolatio Peccatorum or Processus Belial was a mixture of Theological, Judicial, and dramatic literature that sought both to educate and entertain. Its 2 parties Belial, and Heaven, are caricutures of the Roman Church, and their theological adversarys. It was one of the most widely disseminated and renowned works on the Judical process during the Middle Ages and spread far across Europe.

It was one of the first banned books. Banned by the council of Trent in the late 16th Century.

There is a wealth of knowledge occult, and otherwise to be dug up in exploring Liber Belials messages and themes, but the primary point of interest to us today is probably that it is cannon, historically verified proof that Belial was a very well known entity over 600 years ago and was very heavily affiliated with having power in the legal system.

That to me means over half a millenia of educated individuals poured energy and reverence into the concept that Belial was relevant, powerful, and specifically strong in that area which meshes brilliantly with what I thought was just accurate UPG.

It really felt like Belial was tipping me off to a 600 year old joke and that it would be interesting to share. Another interesting note is that biblically speaking Satan himself was considered “Heavens prosecuting attorney before his fall” and later in the Bible is described as “The Accuser.” and yet he still appoints Belial as his legal counsel in the face of Divine Justice.

No surpise that the Devils occupation is that of an attorney huh?


Sweet. Thanks for posting this as it validates some things for me on why I called on him myself the way that I did. Belial is a very old intelligence that goes way back and that in itself went under different identities. Either way this is a Treasure find where he is leading many people to find lost knowledge.

I tried finding a PDF copy of this, I wasn’t able to.

Does anyone have a link to one?

So far all I have found are academic dissertations. Google books has a scan of the original medieval text all weathered and in thick black ink. I dont know if there is a modern english translation.

I do know that the “jury” in the book consists of several prophets and Aristotle.

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Thats awesome. Thank you

No problem :blush: