LHP Magician Called towards Golden Dawn, O.T.O, Thelema and Hermeticism? Any help

I have been a practitioner of the lhp for a few years, I have made great strides, I never had problems with the dualistic mind and the Christian mentality, my family did not have that religious background.

I have gone through dark works, even without extensive theoretical knowledge on the subject I enter into qliphot practices in the temple of the rising flame and also the dragon rouge, I have gone through practices and meditations in the traditional “Satanist”.

A while ago with BALG I feel that I have balanced and I have freed myself even more, making use of the “light” feel that one is capable of everything, and angels are good entities, I have had excellent experiences with angels and many successful evocations with different Entities, demonic and angelic.

In this balancing stage I find myself in a dilemma, that perhaps many of the less experienced magicians can help.

I feel very called at the moment without any very rational explanation towards works more RHP like the one of the Golden Dawn, O.T.O, Hermetism …

I know there are LHP counterpositions to kabbalah with Qliphot.

My question is, is there any risk of getting involved in those jobs? Sing those divine names? What has been your experience as a black wizard LHP working some RHP aspects of those traditions?
Do you think it is necessary to work them?

I really do not know why he’s calling me so much attention.

Waiting for any help, I bid you farewell, thank you very much!


I have a lot of experience with this, despite my age.

Risks? Well, there are several. You could gain a psychological dependency on the RHP gods. You might turn your back on the Left Hand Path. The worst risk is becoming psychotic towards the spiritual.

If you practice RHP magick, you usually have to use RHP gods. You don’t always have to, but certain ritual require you to do so. If you become associated with any one of these gods, you will be caught up in a one man play, with the god playing the villain, protagonist, and setting, while you keep running to him fpr safety from the demons he made to send after you. You will be bombarded by more psychic attacks than ever before, only by the god himself who you work with. I warn you, never invoke, evoke, or contact these gods, unless you are doing so to banish, bind, or destroy them. They will cripple you. They’re disgusting con men. They’re the real princes of lies.


Thanks for your feedback @vladzz, you know? When I was starting my spiritual path “LHP” in a Satanist group, which by the way in my opinion was rather RHP and quite restrictive and dualistic, I suffered enough spiritual attacks, there was a “spiritual war”, that if I managed to get out of that paradigm And free myself, but it is true of dependence, and seeing entities as “gods” and depending on it, I will think, thank you!

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Let me summarize my previous statements: if you want to go practice RHP magick, fucking go for it. I encourage that shit more than anything in the entire world. Go summon angels. Go heal people. Go slay monsters. But if you summon an angel, I want you to rape that thing (or at least corrupt it). If you heal someone they’d better see the black flame in the darkest depths of the pupils of your eyes. If you kill a monster it had better be a fuckin priest. If you use RHP magick, use it for left hand purposes. Otherwise, there’s no real point.


yeah, so true!

At this moment in which with BALG I have achieved a balance in light and darkness, but always with an LHP mentality, I see it myself, that is, I have used angels, but always with a very LHP approach, and you are right, thank you.

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Perhaps my inclination these days, quite irrational, but now things considered, has to do with the “mood of the practitioner LHP” provided this is very bleak, lonely. I am and I want the opposite, I also like material success, money, etc.

Perhaps it was an attempt to “fill me with light” but in reality my true nature has always been to declare my own power as a god, and I have by nature an LHP thought since I was a child.


So far I only call the angels to the corners. I used to do it because it was Solomonic Evocation, but now, it’s just so cute and fun to watch them squirm in their female forms. RHP creatures in LHP magick has always worked out fine for me, and it’s so much more fun, too. Think, you’d never imagine Jesus fucking Christ to be used in the destruction of entire Syrian cities, or Raphael being used to cripple entire industries, but they do! It makes it seem all the better, too, like they’re finally on your side, until they cuss you out and call you a sick, sadistic bastard for showing them the light. Filthy ingrates. Anyway, do it. Have fun. Don’t let anything hold you back, and uhh… Gabriel’s the shy one…


I must admit that I am drawn to ceremonial magick, kind of like The Golden Dawn. Structure and formalism calls to me.

… but only on the LHP.


My opinion is that I don’t like them, I tried a few things (like New Avatar Power) that use them and it just felt wrong, not “helpfully” wrong but out of synch, so I wouldn’t say they’re necessary and whole culture have had magickal traditions that didn;t use them.

But if you feel drawn to it, it’s good to honour your instincts, maybe there’s something there that your own intuition is saying will be empowering, so maybe check it out, but with an open mind on anything too dogmatic (“ours if the only correct way”) and so on?

If you do, please keep us posted (as far as any vows or other factors permit) because it’s not something I see discussed a lot on here.


It’s all perspective bud. A lot of good answer’s here already so Ill make mine simple.

Explore it, and tailor it to your needs. Go with what feels right, if those names don’t sit well with you change them or remove them. The individual is important, take what works for you and leave the rest. For that which is useful make it your own. Take the rituals and tweak them to work for you.

Stay True & Stay Awesome bud, I wish you luck.

P.S I have a lot of experience in Ceremonial magick, Hermeticism and Thelema so if you need any help let me know.


Experiment with rituals: Lesser banish Ritual of the pentagram and Ritual of the Middle Pillar

Both rituals created by the Golden Dawn, which later the OTO led by Crowley took away their formality and took them to a new level of ceremonial magic, more individual, more heterodox, more focused on the result and feel more than In rituality itself.

In my time of Caos magick I experienced a lot with the minor Ritual of banishment of the pentagram, LBRP in English, in one of the law manuals that is the ideal ritual to begin in the field of ceremonial magic, since it centers you as operator, banishes forces not Desired (internal, mental obsessions), commands your power by invoking forces and powers, and is an excellent opening and closing.


Perform the ritual 3 days, in its RHP variant, just like the G.D and O.T.O, with the divine Hebrew names, and invoking the power in its different angelic forms.

Result: Excellent energy boost, clarity, improved mood, improved visualization and ability to enter into trance.

After the days that if I notice that I became a little passive, even with the treatment of people, I feel it has to do with the energies invoked in the ritual.

Perform the ritual then, with a day of rest in between, in its LHP variant (below will provide sources for both rituals), with the demonic divine names, and invoking the power in their different demonic forms, with the pentagram of inverted earth also and with Flaming reddish energy.

Result: A tremendous energy boost, but with another sensation, a feeling of latent power, capable of anything, given my mental configuration and experience on the path, I feel that I can carry energy very well, but a new operatante or newbie , I feel I could present chaotic pictures in his psychology. In addition, an improvement of the visualization, and capacity to enter trance but 10x times more.

No doubt the LHP variant is much more powerful, dense, and totally focuses as an individual, you can make a LBRP and then you are able to read a book of corrido even if there is much noise around you (own experience).

After discussing with some BALG wizards about LBRP and MPR, the RHP and LHP energies, you definitely come to the conclusion that playing with “light” energies if you are an LHP wizard is a waste of power, you can only get the “juice” "To these rituals in their more traditionalistic form like the GD if you really have a right-handed mindset.

This is totally true, they are forces, and the forces you direct them, I have commanded angels successfully, but they are always desires quite LHP let’s say, and of course! There are results !.

Regarding the Middle Pillar Ritual

Do it in the LHP variant, this ritual aims to awaken the energy centers and balance them, also makes your energy does not escape, as with undesirable situations such as orgasm, increase your aura and power all your centers.

It is known that the Kunda / kundalini energy, also has a light and a dark variant, depends on how this force is commanded, but if this energy is not directed properly, madness is manifested, chaos, energy stalls, etc.

That is why this ritual balances these centers, and is not for anything less effective than a meditation with mantrams, IS SUPER POWERFUL!

Both ritules are perfect to make them daily, and also for opening to other work, my formula is:

LBRP → MPR → meditation or evocation to perform → LBRP

You focus as an operator, you call the corresponding forces, you enter into trance, then you open your centers potentiandolos and you are prepared energetically for magick, and then you can meditate, evoke, etc, and I assure you that your results will be 10x more powerful!

Regarding the theme of Light and Darkness, this does not mean that by commanding “darkness” you become a parko, discouraged being, or something like a depressed Gothic emo …

Quite the contrary, these energies enhance your individuality giving you the vitality necessary to command your power in your world. That’s the energy difference between LHP and RHP.


I leave the sources for the rituals:

LBRP (RHP): G.D version

LBRP (LHP): p. 176 - Version M.F Luciferian

Ritual Middle Pillar MPR (LHP): Infernal Middel Pillar - Version LHP

You can find more information on youtube and articles on Google, greetings!


We KNOW that! :wink:

How is crossing over from that, into LHP, working for you? :slight_smile:

totally, if it has been amazing, the current energy LHP has been much more beneficial to me than the Hebrew names and archangels.

Simply from an energetic perspective, since I am very detached from morals, currents or dogmas, and as I said, I have worked with angels without problems with a very LHP perspective.

I recommend them, the LHP variant of Michael Ford’s LBRP and the middle pillar ritual LHP of that Satanist web. 100% recommended


So, how’s your dilemma as stated in the OP working for you right now? I’m a bit confused! :wink:

Not at how you merged this (I have no problem worshipping gods, whilst becoming one myself) but just exactly what you needed? :slight_smile:

Ty for sharing this. This clears all my questions. It’s right timing too.

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I have not experienced any negative effects from working with “incompatible” systems/deities. A few of months ago, I was reading an angelic evocation just as a study and I made clear and undeniable contact, kinda accidentally, with Anael. She had some messages that I quickly jotted down, right in the book I was reading. One of those messages was to have the resolve to go up the ladder as well as down, welcome all ascension. So after many years of not practicing Thelema, I resumed my studies just with a personal goal of getting through the curriculum and hopefully gaining some real understanding of the system… a basic understanding anyway, it is a lifelong pursuit. I’m reading Liber ABA with fresh eyes. I’ve become more steadfast in my yoga practice. All of my other magical and ritual work is supercharged. I have had to learn lots of information on hermetics and astrology. It has been greatly beneficial all around… I’m thoroughly enjoying the daily rituals and pay no mind to my personal biases against who is on who’s side, or that I’m calling angels or the application of Egyptian mysticism, etc… the magic works. And I wouldn’t necessarily call Thelema rhp… I have known for a long time that there really isn’t a right or left… just you, your will, and where you hold your awareness.