Lhp magic

How do lhp magic and ceremonial magick differ?

This question doesn’t make sense. They are completely separate categories.

Ceremonial magick is a method.

LHP is the philosophical approach brought by the magician to the method.


As in I look in most grimoires and I see rituals dedicated to obtaining some outward goal. I look in lhp books and most focus around absorbing or aligning with something.

That is still a philosophical approach. The RHP grimoires may be all about absorbing or aligning with something, but have you looked around the forum lately? Everybody and their dog is going on about “becoming Darkness” or “the Void,” and other such edgelord nonsense. Tell me how becoming one with Darkness is any different from the white mages who seek to become one with the Light?

I have plenty of RHP grimoires that contain rituals for obtaining material desires, and I have plenty of LHP grimoires that talk about “aligning with Darkness.”

It’s approach versus method.

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There’s so many fucked up details to Ceremonial Magick. By the time you’ve sorted out the correct southern hemisphere time from the northern hemisphere grimoires and got the correct incense(s) and metal talisman, plus the correctly coloured candles and clothing and waited for the appropriate Moon phase, had a shower and prepared your circle…

Left hand path Magick, as DarkestKnight stated, is the (philosophical or spiritual) approach brought by the magician to the methods of various schools of Magick.

I find lhp Magick to be a lot more fun.


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That’s the thing. I’m looking for a lhp grimiore that focuses on obtaining desires through some ritual. I’m not finding too many.

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Okay, I think I misunderstood. You’re saying that there’s not a lot of Left Hand grimoires for obtaining stuff.

Not in a direct way. Like, in practical planetary magick, it lists a single general ritual and several spirits and their sigils. You basically choose the spirit that suits your interests, adapt the ritual to its respective planet, and then conduct the ritual to your chosen spirit.

Most common grimiores have different rituals for different things. For purpose of simplicity I prefer the above method.

I think there should be an lhp grimiore like written above. You have one general ritual and a list of daemonic gods and spirits to call on, perhaps not goetic based.