LHP in Government, Hollywood, Secret Societies

So I’ve come from a very RHP centric background. 2 years or so ago I started working with the LHP, specifically the Draconian current. For me it’s benefits have been increased energy, sex drive, motivation, self-empowerment and connection to spirit/nature (amongst other things). It has been the most potent tool of energy work/meditation I’ve ever had, and the pull towards deeper and more extensive dedication to this path becomes greater and greater.

However whether it’s because of my RHP centric influences, cultural programming or a number of other things I can’t help but continue to resist and engage in a push pull with the current eg. diving in deep then cutting it off again, only to return (rinse repeat). It feels a bit like the actions of an addict, bingeing followed by withdrawal. It’s as though there’s still a part of me that somehow thinks that this is a cursed and crooked path that will lead to negative outcomes and karma beyond this life. What really isn’t helping is that I repeatedly keep seeing and reading theories and beliefs about Lucifer being worshipped by everyone from the Vatican, to the Freemasons, to the Illuminati, Celebrities. I can’t shake this hunch that perhaps I’m connecting to a being (Lucifer) that many of the people I despise (the wealthy and powerful elite) are deifying. Also the thought of having to maybe at some point share with a partner, family member or loved one that I connect to Lucifer etc and the judgement that could bring really challenges me.

Ultimately it’s a crisis of conscience. Can I trust this path for my soul evolution when so many warn against it? I also sometimes wonder if it’s all bullshit anyway. I already know that societies programming on sex, money, love, happiness etc is a reversal of what is actually true. The truth often lies behind the mask. Why would this be any different? Perhaps the very fact that Satanism, Luciferianism etc is so demonised (pun intended :wink: is because there is power there, and those in power don’t want you to access it. Anyway I have no fucking idea. Thoughts?

Why does someone else’s reasons for “worship” matter? I can take a car and drive it safely to work or I can drive it recklessly and cause accidents. Is the car at fault?

It isn’t. Quit consuming garbage. What matters is what YOU do and what YOU believe.

Iirc, you had these same types of things last time and are still looking for a safety net that doesn’t exist. And now that I remember that, I’m seeing my way out of the thread.


I think there is value in a RHP practitioner switching to the LHP, and a LHP practitioner switching to the RHP, at least once, if they are comfortable ( and assuming this is the normal RHP and LHP practices). But when it happens, I think it is valuable, as it can seperate a lot of fiction from reality, and give actual experience. Seeings things from both sides is good. That is my current opinion.

Now, you seem hesitant to practice the LHP, so you should perhaps think more on it and contemplate it first and decide if it really is right for you.

On whether or not the fact that many are against Satanism, Luciferianism and Demonolatry means that there is power in it: I tend to say, the best things lie hidden. However, these paths aren’t really hidden, but seem to be rather popular today. I would say, you can find good magicians on the RHP, and good magicians on the LHP. I believe @Mike_Bee has said he has known skilled magicians on both sides

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Dude stop internalizing what everyone else thinks all the time. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

This is what you actually said.

So if that’s not enough then I don’t know what to say.

The RHP has controlled the narrative about the LHP for a very long time. This is what you’re tripping about. Obviously it’s in thier interests to lie about the LHP and scare people away from it

If you want more proof check out some of the journals here on Balg and watch the metamorphosis or should I say apotheosis of some of the members here.

You choose what to believe make sure it’s not bullshit for your own sake.


If demons can’t make you wealthy and powerful, then what would be the point? Getting horny more often? Feeling some energy tingles in your dilapidated apartment?

Would you rather overthrow “the establishment” and then get governed/overseen by some other establishment? Or do you think that there is some realistic world where everyone has equality and certain individuals wouldn’t begin to collect and seize power and then put it to use?

Demons have helped me remove myself from other people’s systems of control, but if you despise people with power and money then you’ll be broke and a slave forever.


For the avoidance of doubt, they worship money, not Lucifer.

In response to the rest of your post, I really feel that you’re overthinking. I would suggest feeling about it instead.
As you’ve said youurself, there is a lot of BS in society. It seems that you’re letting that BS mess with you and what you want to do (we all do to one extent or another).
What do you feel feels right for you?

I feel like this business about Lucifer is only 1/3 of it. If people knew the other 2/3 there would be no going back.

What exactly do you mean by this?

I am contemplating it very deeply. I think another big issue (that I failed to mention) is that coming from a RHP background I strongly believe in a greater divinity beyond me. Whether you call it god or divine source, this infinite consciousness that exists beyond my mind/ego/identity. One is cosmic (RHP) and the other is anti-cosmic (LHP). I know this is a gross simplification but it is in essence something that remains difficult to reconcile.

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The LHP isnt necessarily anti cosmic imo. Now there are elements within the LHP that are in fact anticosmic. That’s true.

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That is pretty normal to believe in a great power beyond us. I believe most here do, including myself. I currently believe there is ultimately One God who is all-powerful, following Neoplatonism with Hermetic influence. However, I don’t believe that this god is YHWH, or Allah. I believe those gods are Daimonae (as their original cultural background shows). This God is nameless.

However, since he is all powerful and all things preceed from them, it is impossible for anything to be against their will, and they have no adversary. Through that it is not possible for them to have any true adversary.

With this, I wouldn’t say I am either RHP or LHP, such terms don’t hold much meaning to me personally.


They worship money and power man, not Lucifer.

That may be what you need to break your prejudice, really, any antimonian act could do it for you since you took the first step. By that I don’t mean break the law, just do something in spiritual sense that you would never do. Like a new Satanist burning a Quran to announce thier departure from Islam. I think you get the point.

LHP folk will warn against the RHP and RHP folk will do vice versa. Making up villains is in our nature. Doesn’t mean both ways are not equally valid. The perspective of LHP and RHP got a little confused over time. I may suggest you to read Lords of the Left Hand Path for a clearer and extensive understanding about both paths, but it maybe a little biased towards LHP.

There is power in every practice.

Indeed this is a simplification. To me LHP is more about being in complete control of ones subjective reality. This is called seperation. But you are not really seperated, you can’t be seperated from the uppermost deity. Which I agree with Dankquanicus on being nameless. As far as I know the only Anti-Cosmic western current is 218. Maybe in east there may be some Ahrimanic or Shiaivite currents that is Anti-Cosmic but I have no idea if there is any.


Social media is awash with people calling celebrities and the super rich Satanists and Luciferians. This is because as far as 99.9% of the western world is concerned, Satan equates to evil and the "other, and “demonic” is used to describe anything people feel is abhorant.

People say that paedophiles worship Moloch, because they believe the ridiculous biblical account of the ancients throwing new born babies into the fiery belly of a statue of Moloch. Humans will demonise just as christians did and do with the gods of other cultures.

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