LHP Dating sub-thread on BALG. What are your thoughts?

Xtians are afraid of us. I think it would be cool if we had a sub-thread for us to meet and promote our beliefs. Just a thought. Hope the mods don’t get mad at this one.

Xtians are afraid of you?

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We already have a bunch of threads for this. What would we need another one for?


Sorry. I will search for it.

Not so much afraid, but looked down on.



I think we need a thread for Xtian dating.:rofl:

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Ha! Break out the circle and black candles after three months of holding hands in church!!! That would be awesome!!!


Not me personally, but WE that follow this path. It makes them un-easy and they call us devil worshipers. That was my point.

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I never been called one due to my practice, though I was called one as a kid because I use to fight xD