LHP..,and then?

What happen, concretely, when somebody put him/herself on the Left Hand Path.
I mean: I decide to follow the LHP and I make an Initatory Ritual. What happen, in my life, after that?

@Vovin That depends. If you do nothing then nothing will happen. Whatever flame you ignited can and will die out. If you truly put in the work though your power will grow rapidly until the world bows to your eternal will.


Depends on why you put yourself on it - I intended to command the powers of a goddess, and I had specific goals in mind, some attained, some proceeding to manifest now, some still to come. :smiley:

So I would presume anyone committing to this path has goals in mind and would then begin working towards them, and getting a suitable mentor (god, demon, etc) would be a good first step to help you discover what to do next. :thumbsup:


Hey Vovin,
I’m a LHP practitioner, that’s what I’d prefer to called, but I’m also a heredity witch, meaning I was taught by spirit. I’ve been on the LHP since I was a child which was many years ago. (damn too many for me the admit too :slight_smile: ). If you’re serious about initiation and your beginning to evoke or have deities ask to work with you. You will need to take charge of your own path through this. I have ancestral spiritual deities that taught me all I know and they told me when I was young I can’t ever control the chaos of the spiritual realm ( or the earthly realm) all I can learn to do is control myself in the wake of it. This advice has stood the test of time with me, so take charge and empower yourself. I love LHP working and I have one foot in the spirit world and one solid foot on earth. that’s what it ends up comes down to. I hope you continue down the LH path, it’s hard, sure, but it is so worth the effort. Good luck with you journey