Lgbt demons

Alright, so I’m curious - to what extent could they feminize me? I’m male.

Well they can feminize your actions behavioral and mannerisms but not your physical genitals. You can be all woman but you will still have a cock.


I figured that much of course. What about hormones?

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Spiritual entities CAN affect your hormones,. Doesn’t necessarily mean they will.

I think it’d be really cool to know which entities had a main focus on being gay. Like how some entities have a focus on things like mind control, romance, money etc. I don’t recall any entity that is just straight though. Lucifer, Satan, Lilith, Belial… based on accounts on here, no one has said that any of the well-known entities are not interested in sexual activities with someone cause of their gender. So maybe that’s why an entity with a focus on homosexuality is hard to find too. I’m surprised there isn’t a more well-known entity whose main thing is their focus on homosexuality. You’d think one of them would be vying for the part.

I believe that matters such as gender and sexual preference aren’t as big a deal to spirits as it is to us. Yesterday, I commented on another post saying I do not believe me being straight is a spiritual matter. While sexuality is a sacred thing, who you’re attracted to and what gender you identify as is merely a personal thing. I’m a straight cis male. I do not believe that makes me more entitled to any spiritual aid than someone who’s trans, gay, bi, or whatever. My sexual identity is a personal choice. I have the right to have it and express it all I want. However, it doesn’t define me. My identity isn’t based on my gender or who I’m attracted to. Though that’s my freedom to decide. If I met a demon and asked you’re question, he or she may say the exact same thing. It won’t punish me for my sexual identity, nor would it reward me.

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